Bioneers 2018 Kinship Circle Journey

We are thrilled to invite you to join us on this year’s Kinship Circle Trip,  a once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit ancestral landscapes sacred to the tribal peoples who’ve inhabited the Colorado Plateau since time immemorial.


Cost Per Person – $4,995 Per Person all-inclusive, with a $995 discount for double occupancy.
Food, lodging, and all activities are included. Hotels are 4.5 and 5 star. Airfare not included.
Need assistance or have questions? Contact Genie Cartier at or call 415-508-3360.


The Colorado Plateau is home to the oldest continually inhabited Native American communities in North America and to some of its most beautiful, and fragile landscapes. For thousands of years, the Hopi, Navajo and Pueblo peoples of this region have learned to maintain a careful balance through prayer and cultural knowledge-based land management. In recent years, they have fought a largely losing battle to protect ancestral homelands and watersheds from mining and contamination. Today, an intertribal group comprised of Native leaders, traditional farmers, and elders are coming together to apply traditional wisdom with groundbreaking policy to stop the ongoing desecration of this sacred landscape.

Experience the Sacred Four Corners from an Indigenous View

On this unique journey, we’ll be hosted by tribal leaders entrusted to steward ancient sites and wisdom for future generations. The dates are August 23rd through August 28th, including travel to Arizona on either end (arrive by noon August 23rd and depart by noon on the 29th).

This remarkable Kinship Trip will offer a rare chance to experience the renaissance flowering today in Indian Country. We’ll meet in Flagstaff, Arizona, and travel through tribal lands and places normally closed to outsiders, ending our journey in magical Sedona, Arizona. The journey is in collaboration with our esteemed partner, the Colorado Plateau Intertribal Conversations group (CPIC), composed of regional tribal leaders and culture bearers from the Navajo, Hopi, Havasupai, Apache and Pueblo tribes.

The 2018 Kinship Trip arose from our “Rights of Nature” collaborations with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, and CPIC.

There is now momentum to bring Rights of Nature legal frameworks among tribes in this region, which we’ll learn about together. We’ll also dive deep into solutions and strategies in play for these frontline communities battling extractive industries and corporate assaults. We’ll spend quality in-depth conversation time with Indigenous leaders and each other to learn and see how to take meaningful action.

We’ll make several day trips to places such as the CPIC Learning Center (a hub of Native community and land regeneration projects), a Navajo hogan, a traditional Navajo farm, a Hopi home, Apache medicinal walk and much more.

2018 Kinship Trip Itinerary

The 2018 Bioneers Kinship journey offers a unique hands on immersion into the cultures and lifestyles of Native peoples living along the Colorado Plateau, the Diné, Hopi, Apache, Havasupai and Pueblo peoples. Throughout our journey, we will be hosted by Native elders, activists, and community leaders who are not only working to preserve their identities through grassroots efforts to protect their ancient homelands and cultures, but live their cultures every day.

Thanks to the close relationship we have with our local hosts, we are so excited to share this unparalleled “backstage pass” to experiences not normally open to outsiders. Some of the places we will visit are deliberately closed to outside visitors as a way to protect their cultural heritage. Other places, like Sedona’s famous Oak Creek watershed, might be familiar to you, but you have never experienced it from a tribal elder’s perspective steeped in traditional knowledge passed down for generations.

Each day of our Kinship Journey has been carefully curated to offer a unique learning experience whose lessons will impact you far beyond the journey itself. Starting in Flagstaff, Arizona, we’ll visit the Grand Canyon from an indigenous perspective, experience Navajo and Hopi lands during the traditional harvest time, and end our journey in magical Sedona, ancestral territory of the Yavapai Apache.

Over our time together, we will stay in 4 and 5 star hotels with our Native hosts, as well as Bioneers Founders and Indigeneity team. We will have an opportunity to eat traditional Native foods, observe farming techniques, hear stories, learn about medicinal plants and much more. You will learn to experience and understand the cultural landscape of Northern Arizona through an indigenous lense, guided by tribal knowledge bearers, your new viewpoints tended through intimate talking circles. In addition to one-of-a-kind excursions, we have built in time for reflection and growth. You will come away from this journey with more self-awareness, and a deep insight around tangible, Indigenous solutions to threats to nature that we all face as Americans under the current regime.

We have taken care of all the details, including all transportation, lodging and meals, so that you can focus on a totally immersive and welcoming transformational experience in one of the world’s most iconic destinations.

August 23, Day 1: Welcome New Friends

We begin the journey in Flagstaff, Arizona, where our Indigeneity staff will personally greet you at the airport and bring you to Little America Hotel, located on a 500 acre pine forest. Early arrivers will have the opportunity to take an early afternoon guided excursion to Walnut Canyon National Monument, to experience ancient cliff dwellings, or just relax at the hotel. We’ll come together for a welcome dinner program hosted by our partners with the Colorado Plateau Intertribal Conversations Group and Diné Hozho, who will share the amazing work they are doing to combine cultural revitalization with environmental protection. You’ll learn how to introduce yourself “the Native way” as we all get to know each other over sharing a meal.

August 24, Day 2: Pueblo Origins In Sacred Landscape

After breakfast at the hotel, we’ll travel together to experience the Grand Canyon as a sacred landscape that connects all the Indigenous peoples of the Four Corners. Over the day, we’ll make several stops at sacred sites, where our Navajo hosts will share origin stories embedded in the landscape, environmental threats facing the grand canyon, how they are working together to protect them, and how culture connects tribal leaders to steward them for future generations. Highlights include meeting with Navajo artists and sharing a meal in a Navajo hogan. We’ll drive to Moenkopi that evening, where we will stay on the Hopi Reservation at the tribally-owned Moenkopi Legacy Inn and Suites.

August 25, Day 3: Traditional Knowledge Dry Farming

In the morning (before it gets too hot) will visit a traditional Navajo dry farm that has been in the same family for generations. Hosted by a Navajo elder, we’ll learn about Native crop varietals, seed saving, and producing abundant, organic dry crop yields through traditional ecological knowledge. We’ll visit a Navajo restaurant where we’ll have an opportunity to eat mutton stew if we like. After lunch, we will offer multiple optional activities that include the Navajo Museum, Dinosaur tracks and petroglyphs, or the sacred Coal Mine Canyon. Or, you can just relax at the hotel. We’ll come back together in the evening for a Native foods dinner session at the Learning Center, the hub of the Navajo cultural renaissance.

August 26, Day 4: Hopi Cultural Immersion

Early risers will be invited to join a sunrise prayer run/walk to open the day in a good way. After breakfast, we will experience legendary Hopi hospitality through a traditional foods workshop and demonstration at a Third Mesa home. After lunch, we’ll visit the we will learn how ancient Hopi practices and ancestral crops are being passed on to new generations to ensure sustainable living on the plateau for generations to come. On our way, we’ll stop at legendary Hopi villages, like Old Oraibi, to meet up with artists (and maybe buy some art) along the Hopi Arts trail. We’ll end our day in Sedona, where we will have dinner and check into our final luxury accommodations at L’Auberge de Sedona.


August 27, Day 5: Reflections In Nature

We’ll take a day to reflect and visit with each other and our hosts on what it means to care for ourselves and the right of nature. Early risers may join our hosts on a sunrise hike to Sedona’s famous Red Rocks. Then we’ll meet up for a late breakfast workshop facilitated by Bioneers and our hosts, focused on how indigenous ways of  knowing can help us to refine our purpose on this trip and beyond, and we’ll learn about grassroots Native-led movements in the region. Optional afternoon excursions include exploring town, famous for its distinctive arts and boutique shopping, or taking a refreshing dip in an Oak Creek swimming hole. After a day of safe and open reflection, a special Native guest host will provide a magical evening storytelling session.

August 28, Day 6: Healing In Nature

For our final day together as a group, we’ll have a leisurely breakfast together, followed by a late morning Talking Circle focused on the question: “How can we take the lessons of Navajo and Hopi home?” After lunch, an Apache elder will take us on a short, relaxing “traditional medicines” ethnobotany walk to learn about the healing properties embedded in the Sedona ecosystem and landscape. We’ll come back together for a closing dinner celebration to reflect on our experience and say our goodbyes.

August 29, Day 7: Departure

Staff will be available to transport you to Flagstaff Airport to return home from the Kinship Journey. You might choose to stay a few extra days in Sedona.

For More Information, Check Out Our Blog About Our 2017 Kinship Trip.

Journey to the Four Corners with Bioneers Indigeneity Program, Day 1
Journey to the Four Corners with Bioneers Indigeneity Program, Day 2
Journey to the Four Corners with Bioneers Indigeneity Program, Day 3
Journey to the Four Corners with Bioneers Indigeneity Program, Day 4
Journey to the Four Corners with Bioneers Indigeneity Program, Day 5 
Journey to the Four Corners with Bioneers Indigeneity Program, Day 6
Journey to the Four Corners with Bioneers Indigeneity Program, Day 7


To register for this incredible experience, please visit or contact Genie at or 415-508-3360


Cost Per Person – $4,995 Per Person all-inclusive, with a $995 discount for double occupancy.
Food, lodging, and all activities are included. Hotels are 4.5 and 5 star. Airfare not included.
Need assistance or have questions? Contact Genie Cartier at or call 415-508-3360.

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