Bioneers Celebrates 25 Years

Highlights from the 24th Annual National Bioneers Conference
Enjoy this exclusive look at some of the best moments from the main stage:
Climbing PoeTree spoken word performance:

The Best of Women's Leadership:


White Buffalo Soldiers performance:

Danny Glover Reimagines Social Movements:

The Best of Ecological Design:

The Carbon Big Gulp: Global Warming Makes You Fat
by Kenny Ausubel
We're downing the Big Gulp. A supersize jolt of 400 parts per million of CO2 is carbonating the atmosphere and fizzing toward climate chaos.

In the face of climate policy inertiatives that fail to meet the magnitude and urgency of the crisis, the climate movement is agonizing over the riddle of what it's going to take to activate the world before it's irretrievably late.

Will it be the overwhelming accumulation of unnatural disasters that bring us to our knees?

Might it be new improved framing, a transformational tale of woe-become-opportunity that feverishly grips our story-based psyche?

Or perhaps the threat of high-powered economic competition from China to seize the renewable high ground and leave the US economy in the dust?

To read Kenny's full blog on the Huffington Post, click here


Amazing to tell, 2014 will mark the 25th Birthday of Bioneers! We are here because of your support and invite you to join the growing community of investors making milestone gifts to lead Bioneers to its next level of impact.
The Bioneers community of leadership exists today to meet this historic passage from breakdown to breakthrough. The big wheels are turning, huge changes are inevitable- and the changes we’ve been incubating for 25 years are within reach of a tipping point. For a quarter century, Bioneers has been at the visionary forefront of transforming civilization- and the forefront today is to turn that vision into large-scale action.
Every single gift like yours brings this vital vision and work closer to realization. But this shift is by no means guaranteed- it could go either way, and the odds are daunting. The world now needs the visionary leadership of Bioneers more than ever.
We’ve got to stretch even further over the crucial coming years. It’s imperative that we gather, spread and scale the breakthrough solutions that Bioneers has so effectively identified, highlighted and connected, year after year, for 25 years.


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As Sarah Shanley Hope, Executive Director of the Alliance for Climate Education, says: As a leader in the field, I have seen Bioneers make a tremendous impact by showcasing innovation and sparking new connections across a disparate field of social change-makers. Bioneers has become the nerve center for large-scale, cross-cultural and multidisciplinary solutions to the defining problems of our time. Its biggest draw, however, is the spirit, community and wonder at the center of its work.
Bioneers reflects a different model of leadership: a Community of Leadership. The complexity of the world’s problems is so vast that they can be solved only through extensive interdisciplinary collaboration and a rousing diversity of approaches, cultural perspectives and ideas. We need each other now more than ever.
As a network of networks creating the connective tissue of effective movement-building, the Bioneers community generates innovation and greater power in the world. As in nature, at the end of the day, it’s about the symphony, not the soloist.
And in this time, we’re all called upon to be leaders. Your investment in Bioneers yields an actual and dynamic return in the community-centered leadership, action and ideas necessary for realizing the world we want. We’re focused on five primary arenas made possible by your investment this year:


  • We directly support communities of practice across the country through our Beaming Bioneers local events and initiatives. We’re cultivating an interconnected action network to build resilience from the ground up by sharing experimentation, successes, tools, learning and initiatives.
  • We directly support the crucial leadership of women, First Peoples and young people. Our acclaimed Cultivating Women’s Leadership trainings support grassroots women leaders to take bolder and more effective action by connecting them in networks for ongoing support. Our media widely shares the inspiring stories and models of diverse women’s leadership.
  • We’re developing and distributing the indigenous leadership stories and media content needed to inform and inspire educators, schools and the public from our Native-led Indigenous Forum at the conference, which is rapidly becoming a go-to source for media and educational materials—as well as a strategic networking hub of connection and partnership.
  • Since young people are gravitating to Bioneers in large numbers, we’re linking dynamic young and emerging leaders with seasoned elder mentors from the Bioneers network, and evolving our new Community of Mentors project.
  • We directly support large-scale dissemination of solutions and stories from across our network. The inspiration, knowledge and wisdom from the conference each year is shared with hundreds of thousands through ever-wider media outreach. Now, we’re positioned to dramatically expand access to these solutions through new digital and broadcast channels, nationally and globally.

You’ve already co-created a legacy in Bioneers, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Now we invite you wholeheartedly to increase your giving, partner with us ongoing, and ensure a legacy of breakthrough by turning vision into large-scale action.
We’ve got to succeed- and the only way that’s going to happen is in community. It’s up to us all to give it everything we’ve got to bring into being the world we want—the world Bioneers so vividly shows is not only possible, but available right now.
Please join us in celebrating Bioneers’ 25th birthday by stretching with all of us to realize the breakthroughs that honor nature, each other and future generations.
With love and gratitude,

 Kenny & Nina
P.S. Your gift today is doubled because of the $250,000 Challenge Grant from a circle of donors including the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation! Every gift counts—from $25 to $250, $2,500, $25,000, and $250,000!
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