Bioneers E-Book: California Climate Leadership

California Climate Leadership e-book coverHow California’s Climate Policy Could Change the World

13 of California’s top climate leaders illuminate why the state’s game-changing climate policies are serving as models for local, regional, and national policy change worldwide.

This is a must-read for climate activists, policymakers, citizen advocates, sustainable tech and design professionals—anyone with an interest in what it takes to advance visionary and practical solutions to climate disruption.

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About California Climate Leadership

Over the past decade, California has managed to decouple the growth of greenhouse gas emissions and the economy, reducing per capita emissions by 17% while maintaining one of the most robust economies in the U.S.

With nearly 200,000 clean energy jobs, a vibrant economy, and poised to invest literally hundreds of billions of dollars into a low carbon economy, the world’s eighth largest economic engine is positioning itself as a model for the world.

In the fall of 2014, as part of the 25th annual Bioneers Conference, Bioneers convened a very special gathering of key leaders to help start a conversation that seemed long overdue: California’s leadership role in the global effort to combat climate change.

This volume, taken from talks given at the 2014 event, is both an accessible and detailed look at some of the key areas where California is particularly out in front.

““Bioneers has been consistently ahead of the curve. It’s a hatchery for the next wave of important ideas.” 

 – Bill McKibben,

Inspired by and featuring activist, author and former California State Senator Tom Hayden’s incomparable issue framing and historical context, this collection:

  • Highlights the key next moves according to leading government officials
  • Explores the clean energy slam dunk about to take place from both a structural and investment perspective
  • Focuses on truly groundbreaking and phenomenally important environmental justice achievements on the horizon

Other topics covered include Water & Climate Change, Natural Systems & Working Lands, Politics & The Inside Game and more.

Contributors include:

  • Wade Crowfoot, Deputy Cabinet Secretary and Senior Advisor to California Governor Jerry Brown
  • Tom Hayden, former California State Senator, author and founder of the Peace and Justice Resource Center
  • Arsenio Mataka, Assistant Secretary for Environmental Justice and Tribal Affairs at the California Environmental Protection Agency
  • Vien Truong, National Director of Green for All

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