Cultivating Women’s Leadership Webinar

Do you want to expand and strengthen your leadership in ways that are purposeful and authentic? Are you interested in what women uniquely bring to leadership? Bioneers' Cultivating Women's Leadership (CWL) trainings could be a great fit for you.

Find out in this video, where you'll join webinar host Dorothée Royal-Hedinger for a conversation between Nina Simons (Bioneers co-founder and co-creator of the CWL trainings) and three diverse CWL alumnae—Jess Rimington, Kimberly Tilsen-Braveheart and Barbara Sattler.

This free webinar took place March 5th, 2015. Sign up for Bioneers email updates to receive announcements of future webinars.



About Cultivating Women's Leadership Retreats

Cultivating Women's Leadership retreats (CWL) are 6‐day residential intensives that bring together impassioned women from diverse cultures, ages, orientations and backgrounds to learn from and with each other. Rooted in values of respect, humility, creativity, intentionality and inquiry, CWL retreats develop women’s leadership by:

  • Featuring experiential learning and transformative leadership practices including arts, ritual, movement and storytelling that help connect the personal with the structural, systemic and political
  • Consciously shedding insidious beliefs, stories and biases that can limit women’s leadership capacity and considering new ideas, narratives or frameworks in their stead
  • Surfacing and appreciating what women uniquely bring to reinventing leadership while integrating healthy feminine and masculine characteristics for full‐spectrum leadership
  • Prioritizing connecting across differences as an essential leadership skill
  • Connecting women to diverse peers for friendship, ongoing coaching, influence, access and support

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Other Resources

Cultivating Women's Leadership trainings are part of the Bioneers Everywoman's Leadership program, which also produces books, videos, and audio media, as well as special programming at the annual Bioneers National Conference.  Some resources you may enjoy:

More from Cultivating Women's Leadership Alumnae

"Imagine yourself in a truly diverse room of women with one thing in common – a shared desire to learn more about unique sense of purpose and particular leadership style.  I mean a truly diverse group of women.  The application process and scholarship program ensure a true cross section of life experience.  Spend nearly a week exploring with one another, under the terrific guidance of women leaders with a proven track record.  The facilitators will offer you the warmest and safest environment imaginable, but they leave any sort of coddling at the door. You will be challenged!"     

– CWL Alum, Ocamora Retreat 2014

The CWL retreat was a rare opportunity to reach deep into the roots of my life experience to discover what I know about my own leadership and explore what conditions bring out my best. The structure of the training was 'not too tight and not too loose'—providing rituals and reflections for deep inquiry and the space to digest what could be winnowed from these reflections.

"The women CWL gathered were diverse in age, class and race. It was extremely valuable to learn from the reflections of women who approach leadership from the resources of cultures and histories that are different from my own. These different types of knowing helped me step further into what I know and what I don’t know about leadership. My journey now is to deepen the exploration of my leadership roots and to seek new experiences that will overcome gaps in my approach."

– Kirsten Wilson , Project Director, One Action-One Boulder/Niwot's Arrow, ED, Motus Theater

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