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Everywoman’s Leadership is a program committed to increasing the ability of women from all walks of life —age, race, ethnicity, issue area and orientation — to step into greater leadership in order to effect positive progressive, environmental and social change in their communities.

We seek to celebrate and restore value to the characteristics of our humanity which have been previously relegated to the feminine and therefore systematically devalued and denigrated in all people to the detriment of our collective future.

EL is multi-faceted in our approach toward realizing the programs’ intentions. EL seeks help to transform the paradigm of what effective leadership really means.  We emphasize leadership sourced from each woman’s deep love and passionate commitment for the natural world, women, health, children, justice and the sacred.  This is a leadership informed by the combined intelligence of our bodies, hearts and minds — which combine alchemically as intuitive knowing.

We create and offer special events, seminars, intensives, books, CD’s and DVD’s focused on assisting and guiding women to step into their inner authority and purposeful leadership.  We curate programs at the annual Bioneers Conference designed to bring together women thinkers, artists, visionaries, and change-makers, to inspire uplift and motivate innovative and relational thinking for all people toward a “full spectrum leadership” and the integration and access to our feminine and masculine qualities.

An important element of EL are our Cultivating Women’s Leadership retreats, 6-day residential trainings to clarify each participant’s own sense of purpose and to explore what women uniquely bring to leadership at this pivotal time. Currently we hold two retreats a year one in California and one in in Northern New Mexico. Increasingly we are doing place-based retreats. At the behest of specific organizers and leaders we are taking CWL directly to their communities.

Please contact us if you would like to explore bringing a CWL retreat to your community.

Applications for 2017 Cultivating Women’s Leadership Intensives are now open!

We Cannot Influence Change we Haven’t Embodied Ourselves

In this leadership great value is placed on humility, listening, “not-knowing”, and understanding vulnerability as a latent strength, and also on authenticity, mutual respect, collaboration and inclusivity. Cultivating leadership if a lifelong pursuit.

This leadership is shaped by the belief that all meaningful and enduring change begins with the internal work we do to transform our behavior. Leadership skill and capacity continue to strengthen with practice, reflecting a commitment to relationships that provide authentic and rigorous feedback and support.

The Heart of the Matter

The essence of this leadership is the recognition of the power embedded in the best of the feminine and masculine capacities within each of us. This understanding is an emphasis on addressing the larger legacy of bias and imbalance in our decision-making organizations, enterprises and society at large. This is a movement toward healing the wounds incurred by the systemic devaluation and denigration of half of our human capacity across generations — the legacy of which has been self-violence toward one another and to the Earth.

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