John Mohawk Scholarship Fund

Invest in an Inclusive, Diverse Movement for Change

Thanks to the financial partnership of the Bioneers community, we’re able to keep our annual conference accessible to all change makers through the John Mohawk Scholarship Fund.

Keep the tradition going—make your gift to the John Mohawk Scholarship Fund!

Bioneers Youth Leadership

Use Your Financial Power to Change Lives

"Having the chance to go to Bioneers really gave me the last bit of push that I need. Here in my town I want to make some changes, but it felt like it would be something impossible to do. Seeing a speaker who had a goal like me to change school lunches helps me to know change is possible."—Uriel Reyes, youth scholarship recipient, Watsonville, CA

“Life-changing.” That’s what we hear constantly from our electrified conference scholarship recipients: diverse young and emerging leaders, educators, students, community leaders, activists, and low-income change-makers who can participate only because of your financial partnership.

Growing the movement means having the right people in the room. You can ensure the diversity and inclusion of the Bioneers community—your scholarship fund gift will not only change lives, it may change the course of history.

  • $750 covers a full youth scholarship, including a 3-day conference pass
  • $500 covers a partial youth scholarship, including a 2-day conference pass
  • $100 enables us to offer a discounted ticket to a teacher, student, senior, or other change maker with limited funds
  • $50 provides three days of healthy meals for a youth scholarship recipient at the conference

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What Your Gift Can Do

Jess_Rimington“I am now a 28-year-old confident woman and changemaker. I came to you, Bioneers, as a passionate, young, striving, open 17-year-old; and you opened me up to all the magic the world needs and has to offer. I grew up with you. You were my teacher. Thank you, Bioneers.” —Brower Youth Award winner, Founder and Executive Director of the One World Youth Project, Jess Rimington was a Bioneers Youth Scholar and she will always be a Bioneer.

In 2014, we awarded 357 full and partial scholarships, plus 400 discounted tickets—but still had to turn away hundreds of committed change makers.

Our goal this year is to accommodate them all. To do that, we need your help.

Let’s set a new record and pay it forward to grow this community of leadership with the power of 500 fully-funded scholarships in 2015!

  • Youth will engage for the full three days in skill sharing, leadership development, interactive workshops, networking and project collaborations.
  • Educators and students will access critically needed sustainability materials and peer-to-peer learning for how to integrate them into annual lesson plans and education for action.
  • Indigenous recipients will connect with leaders, youth and elders from tribal nations allover the country and world, and network with non-Native allies to grow the movement.
  • Elders will interact and engage in co-mentoring relationships with young leaders that last well beyond the conference.

Give emerging and diverse leaders the opportunity to take part in the Bioneers Conference with your Scholarship Fund gift!

Who Was John Mohawk?

John Mohawk @ Bioneers 2003

“I see funding scholarships as a powerful investment in the next generation of visionaries. Their lives are changed, their own potential for visionary leadership catalyzed and empowered. I love being able to help make this possible.”  – Shaina Noll, Port Townsend, WA

John Mohawk (Seneca) was a legendary activist, historian, writer, journalist, farmer, long-time Bioneers Board member, precious teacher and friend, along with his beloved wife Yvonne Dion-Buffalo (Samson Cree Band), also a Native American scholar and activist.

John was a committed and generous mentor who loved working with emerging leaders and supporting their development.

Diversity was also important to John, as evidenced by his tireless work to revitalize traditional crops like Iroquois White Corn.

He knew that diversity is where Nature gets her strength—and where communities and movements get their strength, too.

Through the John Mohawk Scholarship Fund, you can join us in carrying on his vision of a diverse and inclusive movement.

Honor John's memory with your scholarship gift!

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