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Featured Videos:

James Nestor – New Approaches to Cracking the Communication of Whales and Dolphins
       Ericka Huggins: The Role of Spiritual Practice in Social Justice Work


James Nestor, an author and journalist with a passion for extreme adventure who has written for Scientific American, National Public Radio and The New York Times, draws from his mind-boggling, multiple award-winning new book, DEEP: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us about Ourselves. He describes how groups of athletes and scientists plumbed ocean depths, and researchers collaborating with engineers from Apple, Google and elsewhere worked to “crack” the cetacean language code and send back messages to these giant marine mammals – to make contact. Their weird and wondrous new discoveries might just redefine our understanding of the ocean, and of ourselves.


Ericka Huggins, the renowned former Black Panther, political prisoner, human rights activist – and educator, poet, and professor of Sociology and African American Studies at Merritt College in Oakland – has for 35 advocated for “restorative justice” and the role of spiritual practice in sustaining activism and promoting social change. Grounded in her belief in the greatness of the human heart, Ericka says each one of us has the ability to look there for the answers to questions about the future of our world. Personal transformation is necessary to achieve social transformation.

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Tips for Throwing a Great Event:

Provide Food – People love to share a meal or have something to snack on at an event. Don’t have a budget? Invite community members to bring a dish or snack to share for a potluck-style event. Or you could partner with a local food or beverage company to offer samples or discounted products to attendees. Even simple snacks like nuts or dried fruit can go a long way in keeping people alert and awake!

Include Community News – Give community members a chance to share local news during a specific slot during the event. You can also ask people to submit news to you in advance and announce it yourself. This is a great way to connect people and build supportive networks in your area.

Ask For Feedback – It’s always nice to hear how the event went for attendees and get feedback on how it could be improved. Give attendees a chance to provide feedback about the event either at the end of the session, by email or a printed form.

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