Biomimicry Collection

Biomimicry Media Collection

With climate disruption upon us, transforming our food and water systems is paramount. Success requires more than just technical solutions. It necessitates a shift in our worldview, and a change of heart. Game-changing innovations in design and technology to address this crisis are surfacing constantly, as well as social innovations.

At the forefront is biomimicry, the art and science of mimicking nature’s design genius. Biomimicry celebrates our kinship with life, unearthing untold treasures from nature’s playbook that we can emulate for our technological and industrial recipe book. Explore our media collection of fascinating examples from leaders in the field.

  • Biomimicry Training Video

    Get a sneak peek into a professional development training for educators hosted by the Biomimicry Institute, Bioneers, and Ten Strands.


Nature is a master designer. The resiliency of life is embodied in its adaptation to the ecosystems found in each corner of the Earth. Rather than setting ourselves apart from the genius that surrounds us, humanity can design a harmonious destiny with the same biological patterns that construct our world.


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