Bioneers Reader: Our Economic Future

Achieving a More Equitable Society by Radically Rethinking Our Guiding Economic Ideas

Record-setting income inequality. Stagnating wages for the middle class. A non-existent focus on work-life balance. Businesses built on resource depletion. 

The U.S. economy is standing on shaky ground, built by exhausted, underpaid workers on stolen land. It’s time to create solutions that shift our economic ideals away from profit at any cost and toward prosperity for all.

This Bioneers Reader is a collection of pieces presenting wisdom from leading figures in progressive economic thought and action, all dealing with strategies to radically restructure our ever more inequitable, racist and environmentally devastating economic system. The subjects covered include how to: build vibrant local economies; boost the growth of worker-owned and public cooperatives; develop people-centered financial alternatives to big banks; rethink outmoded economic paradigms; and offer visions of what a truly humane and regenerative economy would look like. 

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