Bioneers Reader: Regenerative Agriculture

What if how we farm could not only slow down climate change, but actually help reverse it?

Modern, “industrial” agriculture has radically boosted food production to feed billions, but its monocropping, fertilizer and pesticide use, and total dependence on fossil fuel, have come at an enormous cost to people and the planet, destroying whole ecosystems and radically degrading soil vitality. The way our food is produced, stored, transported, and processed is totally unsustainable, and in our current climate crisis, its carbon footprint simply can’t be ignored. 

Agricultural production currently accounts for 11% of global greenhouse gas releases, and in 24 countries it’s the top source of emissions. And, ironically, food production is one of the economic activities most heavily threatened by climate change. The very problem it is helping create could be its downfall.

But obviously, our ever-growing human population can’t live without food production. In this Bioneers Reader, we take a look at how visionary reformers are demonstrating that healthy agriculture is possible, and even discovering ways saner food production can draw down carbon from the atmosphere to help combat climate change. It’s a practice called regenerative agriculture.

When you download this Bioneers Reader, you’ll have access to an overview of regenerative agriculture, including key practices, plus ideas from:

  • A-dae Romero-Briones (Cochiti/Kiowa) on decolonizing regenerative agriculture
  • David Montgomery on bringing soil back to life
  • Jeff Moyer on how regenerative practices are changing the face of farming

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