Call for Artists

For Bioneers 2020 (now in its 31st year!), we are excited for art to play a vital, celebratory and transformational role at the conference.

Our mission is to program the 2020 conference with captivating, compelling and inspiring art and we invite you to help us make this vision a reality.

What is Bioneers?

The Annual Bioneers Conference is where you get a front row seat into a thriving and regenerative tomorrow, today. The conference, celebrating its 31st year, is an engaging and inspiring environment of collaboration, with individuals from all sectors and disciplines, engaged in co-creating a regenerative  future. The Bioneers conference is  where social, environmental and scientific innovators convene to present breakthrough solutions inspired by nature and powered by human ingenuity.

The Bioneers Conference fosters connection, cross-pollination and collaboration by bringing together diverse people and projects. We link strategic networks at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Bioneers conference attendance is 3,000+ with an engaged social media audience of 130,000+, and with a year-round conference engagement via its media and radio series production.

The Bioneers Conference will take place October 16-18, 2020 at The Marin Center, San Rafael California.

We look forward to your partnership and featuring your work,

The Bioneers Art Team

We are looking for art in these categories:

ART INSTALLATIONS FOR CONFERENCE GROUNDS: The Bioneers Conference grounds is a large 4 acress of leveled outdoor open space that is home to tents used for speakers and workshops, such as the Youth Leadership Tent and the Indigenous Forum. It is also where guests gather to eat lunch, collaborate, shop at the marketplace and rest in between sessions. Our goal is to curate the conference grounds with visually stimulating and thought provoking art. This is a very large space, so large pieces do well.

INDOOR VISUAL ART: We will be curating a beautiful indoor art exhibit and welcome indoor visual art that speaks to the themes of Bioneers. 

GREEN TECH & TINY HOMES: Do you have cool green tech, a sustainability built structure or a tiny home you would like others to see and gain inspiration from? Bring it to the Bioneers Conference!

LIVE PAINTERS: We are looking for painters who would like to do a live paint outdoors to help activate the conference grounds. At the end of the conference, you have the option to include your painting in the silent auction for a shared split. 

COMMUNITY ART PROJECT: We’re looking for art projects that can be done outdoors and involve the greater Bioneers community, let’s activate the space with community art! Examples include inviting guests to paint prayer flags, posters, murals, community mandalas, etc. Please consider re-usable materials.

SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY ROVING PERFORMERS: Every year Bioneers hosts a fun Saturday night dance party. This year, we’d love roving performers- such as hula hoopers, circus artists and walk around characters, or other great talent ideas to help create fun ambiance in the space.

VENDORS If you are an artist or artisan who would like to sell your work at our Art Market, please find more info and the application HERE

Accepted artists will receive complimentary ticket(s) to the conference, a free booth in which they can vend work inside the Artist Market, access to artist networking sessions, the option to enter work into the Bioneers Silent Auction, as well as an artist stipend of up to $1000.

Can you also take out SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY ROVING PERFORMERS: Every year Bioneers hosts a fun Saturday night dance party. This year, we’d love roving performers- such as hula hoopers, circus artists and walk around characters, or other great talent ideas to help create fun ambiance in the space.

Please submit application by:

June 15th, 2020 at 5pm PST


Any questions or comments, please email

*We realize that artists often have to endure many hardships and struggles, and that they are far too often underappreciated and underfunded, if not blatantly exploited (and in some places at certain times violently suppressed), so we fully understand that quite a few of you might find what we are able to offer artists who exhibit at Bioneers insufficient.
Because the Bioneers Conference is big and complex, has been going for over 30 years, is well known in the eco and socially conscious worlds, features well known figures among its presenters, is elegantly put together, and takes place in a fairly affluent county, some misinformed folks hold to the totally erroneous impression that it is an upscale, profitable endeavor. Sadly perhaps, this is very far from the truth.
Bioneers provides hundreds of scholarships to young people, especially youth of color and Indigenous students. Many folks do work exchange and pay very little to attend, and we have very generous activist and senior discounts as well. The fact is that despite the size of the gathering, we are a very small, often struggling non-profit with no endowment whatsoever that has to fundraise constantly to stay afloat, and that revenue from ticket sales to the event barely covers a quarter to a third of the expense of putting it on, and that’s true even though we never have paid any of our presenters, even the most famous, any stipends or honoraria whatsoever. They come and present and engage because they see Bioneers as a uniquely stimulating conclave, a place where they can meet brilliant people from a very wide range of communities, ages and fields of endeavor, regenerate their enthusiasm, and often discover new ideas and make valuable connections for their work and their lives.
We have the utmost respect for those artists who quite understandably just can’t or won’t engage unless they feel they are being remunerated sufficiently to match the quality of their creations, and we really wish we weren’t as budgetary constrained as we are. But the facts are what they are, and we can’t offer you a big payday. What we can offer those of you in the arts worlds who are able to find a way to work with us; who are passionate about the wellbeing of the biosphere and all its creatures, social justice and the birthing of a new “green” civilization; and who feel that the arts have a crucial role to play in that struggle; is an opportunity to participate in what many have told us they feel is the most uniquely inspiring annual eco-themed event in the nation. We hope some of you can work with us in that spirit.
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We’re living in a thriller that only reality could write. The challenges we face are daunting. But hope is within reach. Bioneers throughout the world are digging in and creating big solutions. The Bioneers network of innovators is vast, and a mighty portion of that network will be joining us at Bioneers 2018 in just a week and a half.

Join us, hear from those who are uncovering Pathways Forward, and be inspired.
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