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Achieving an environmentally healthy and more equitable society requires a radical re-thinking of our guiding economic ideas.

Visionary leaders are fueling this movement with creative solutions for a more sustainable, regenerative economy — one that considers people and the planet alongside profit — and the world is hopping on board.

As people increasingly “vote with their dollars” for the kinds of businesses they want in the world, society is witnessing a massive shift toward corporate social responsibility, cooperative ownership and innovative solutions for a whole new kind of economy.

The 2020s will be the decisive decade in the climate justice fight. As we race to the finish line of the transition away from fossil fuels, visionary “green” entrepreneur Danny Kennedy presents a plan to build out the full 3D potential of clean energy—not just distributed energy, but decentralized in ownership and democratized in control.

  • Check out these great partner organizations:

  • The New Economy Coalition exists to support a just transition from an extractive to a regenerative economy.

  • The Democracy Collaborative works to help catalyze a transformation of the US political economy into a next system that is inclusive, just, and ecologically sustainable.

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