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Ecological Medicine

Ecological Medicine

In this age of increasing environmental toxicity and degradation, medicine must rise to meet the healthcare challenges of our time. Modern medicine has strayed from the fundamental truth that everything is interconnected, but healthcare professionals are starting to understand the concept of "Ecological medicine" as the answer to this burning question: Can we solve our public health crisis by returning to our roots?

Ecological medicine is based in the understanding that the health of individuals is intrinsically linked to the health of communities, ecosystems and the entire biosphere. A wide range of movements — from integrative healthcare and natural medicine to public health advocacy and environmental justice — are carving the path for a more holistic approach in the new millennium.

Health-care visionary and Commonweal founder Michael Lerner connects the dots between the condition of human health and the drivers of extinction: toxic habitat, invasive species, declining biodiversity and climate change. He looks at the inseparability of the planetary ecological and socio-political crisis and our personal health, and what we must do to address both. This…

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