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Food and Farming

Food and Farming

No economic sector is more socially and environmentally destructive than the current global food system, which relies on corporate monopolies and industrial agriculture. But famers are reclaiming the role of food as a powerful way to bring people together.

Farmers and food justice advocates are transforming the status quo with sustainable food systems and regenerative farming practices. These incredibly dynamic solutions are changing how we eat — serving as community-oriented, healthy and delicious ways to manage food production from seed to shelf.

Pest Control Designed by Nature: An Interview with Ron Whitehurst

“We’re facing the sixth major extinction on the planet, so we feel a very strong imperative to engage as many of our fellow members of our species to do what they can on whatever little patch of paradise that they manage, to learn to work with nature, to not use toxins, to build up the ecology, to build up the whole community of natural enemies – the predators, parasites, pathogens, and antagonists – and grow stuff, sequester carbon into the soil, pull the carbon dioxide out of the air where it’s a pollutant and fix it into the life forms in the soil. That’s what sustains us on the planet.”

  • Check out these great partner organizations:

  • Center for Food Safety works to protect our food, our farms, and our environment.

  • The Marin Carbon Project seeks to enhance carbon sequestration in rangeland, agricultural, and forest soils through applied research, demonstration and implementation in Marin County.

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