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A long, violent legacy of colonization has inflicted oppression and cultural annihilation on Indigenous communities worldwide. But many have organized, resisted and managed against great odds to revitalize their cultures and institutions.

Indigenous activists, writers and culture bearers have led efforts to preserve Indigenous knowledge. Broader society has much to learn from many of these sophisticated, Earth-honoring worldviews — wisdom too long ignored at our own peril.

Reweaving Our Relationship with Women, Native Peoples and Nature

In this address from day two of the Bioneers 2020 Conference, Bioneers co-founder Nina Simons talks about the importance of women and Native leadership to illuminate a bold and ambitious vision we can share in together.

  • Check out these great partner organizations:

  • The California Indian Museum and Cultural Center educates the public about the history, culture, and contemporary life of California Indians and honors their contributions to civilization.

  • Amazon Watch works to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of Indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin.

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