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Restoring Ecosystems

Restoring Ecosystems

We are currently experiencing one of the six great extinctions of life forms in the history of our planet. This is the first to be caused by human behavior, not natural catastrophes - a unique legacy of the Anthropocene.

Nothing is more important than conserving our natural resources, restoring our biocultural diversity and protecting our endangered plants and animals. Environmental restoration is vital for not only the health of the planet, but also for our collective future.

With climate-driven disasters becoming the new normal, building resilience is the grail. Communities around the world are developing models created out of practical necessity. Join Estrella Santiago Perez and Trathen Heckman for on-the-ground stories from two different communities building resilience in the wake of serial disasters.

  • Check out these great partner organizations:

  • GreenWave trains and supports regenerative ocean farmers in the era of climate change.

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