Educator Colleagues in Women’s Leadership

“Nina Simons has woven a compelling and honest tapestry of hard-earned personal and collective wisdom, honoring the earth and igniting the revolutionary ways of women. It’s a book as much about the inside as it is about the outside, exploring where and how they can meet for a sustainable future.”
V (formerly Eve Ensler), Founder of V-Day and author of The Vagina Monologues

Dear NWSA Colleagues in Women’s Leadership:

Thank you for all you do to advance the leadership of women – especially now, when the stakes couldn’t be higher. I’m contacting you to offer collaboration and support for your curriculum design and teaching process, in hopes that we might together help  to advance such a systemic and timely purpose.

Towards that end, I write to share my award-winning book Nature, Culture & the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership in the form of a free, downloadable selection of essays from the book, along with related media materials.

Nature, Culture and the Sacred is a text which takes readers on a journey to revisit experiences of womanhood which awaken our collective and individual sense of self as leaders. The book contains personal narrative, stories and poems, including sections on embodied experience and global women’s leadership interviews and studies, as well as essays and practices on implementing intersectionality and racial justice within the framework of women’s leadership. The text is easily adaptable for curricula from women’s studies and environmental science to social and racial justice, and supported by a diverse trove of online media.

Nature, Culture & the Sacred won a Gold and Silver Nautilus Awards in two categories: “Women in the 21st Century” and “Social Change & Racial Justice.” Available in print or as an ebook, it offers accessible, engaging and timely material for virtual or in-person classes. This includes a multimedia archive of videos and interviews from the book, as well as videos and award-winning podcast episodes from intersectional leaders who model diverse women’s leadership, such as: Kimberlé Crenshaw, Joanna Macy, Alice Walker, Winona LaDuke, Heather McTeer Toney, Terry Tempest Williams, Robin Wall Kimmerer, V (formerly Eve Ensler), Patrice Cullors, Fania Davis, Valarie Kaur, Rupa Marya, Lyla June Johnston and many more.

For 30 years, Bioneers (the organization I co-founded), has acted as a fertile hub of connection for social and scientific leaders with visionary and practical solutions for the transformation to a peaceful, equitable and healthy world. Since its inception, Bioneers has amplified the voices of women, BIPOC and youth-led voices; Nature, Culture, and the Sacred is the culmination of our Everywoman’s Leadership program and all I’ve learned throughout that time. It is also the latest in a series of Bioneers’ award-winning books which are complemented by a diverse and vast archive of audio-visual media, offering inspiring, accessible online materials for a holistic activist education. 

Let’s collaborate in what I see as the most urgent priority of this time (and I imagine you might, too) – advancing women’s leadership!


With resonance for our shared purposes, and appreciation for all that you do and are,

Nina Simons
Co-Founder & Chief Relationship Strategist
Bioneers/Collective Heritage Institute

NINA SIMONS is the co-founder of Bioneers, a nonprofit forum featuring visionary and practical solutions for healing our relationships within ourselves, with each other, and with the natural world. Nina is a social entrepreneur passionate about reinventing leadership, restoring the feminine, and co-creating a healthy, peaceful, regenerative and equitable world for all. Her work spans the nexus of women, social and racial justice, indigeneity, nature, spirituality and the archetypal feminine. A winner of the Goi Peace Award and Robert Rodale Award for her visionary leadership, Simons is available as a guest speaker for online courses to discuss Nature, Culture & the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership or her earlier book Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart. 

“Nina Simons’ new book is fierce and wise in its illumination of the need for women’s leadership in the healing of our relationships with each other and with the natural world. Drawing on decades of work as an activist and entrepreneur, Simons convenes a stellar cast of women leaders in this book, each of whom offers, as she does, practical guidance on how to lead from the heart in today’s turbulent times. A must-read for anyone interested in cultivating women’s leadership in themselves and in others.”

— Jennifer Browdy, Professor of Comparative Literature, Gender & Media Studies; Chair, Division of Languages & Literature, Bard College/Simon’s Rock

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