Brittiny Moore

Brittiny Moore
Young Leaders Fellow
Location: San Marcos, TX
Bioneer since 2022

Brittiny Moore is a Bioneers Young Leaders Fellow. She is a writer, researcher, and intersectional environmentalist who is passionate about environmental justice, Black agency in environmental spaces, and storytelling for racial and social justice.

Brittiny holds a bachelor degree in geology — with a minor in journalism — and master degree in geography. As a scholar, Brittiny has examined urban development practices and their ramifications on karst landscapes — namely the induction of catastrophic bedrock collapse sinkholes into underlying cave systems. She has also mobilized Black geographic thought and the concept of fugitivity to conceptualize an anti-racist and decolonized environmental education pedagogy.

With several years experience as a community organizer, Brittiny has worked with activist groups including the Black Lives Matter Movement, the Kentucky Fairness Campaign, and Communities of Color United. Motivated by community and the imagination, she seeks to combine her unique knowledge and skill set to mobilize the literary arts to advance Black liberation and to celebrate Black life.

Brittiny is a proud cat mom. She is a tarot and caving enthusiast and loves science fiction.

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