Kelli Barr

Kelli Barr
National Bioneers Conference Project Manager
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Bioneer since 1999

Kelli works with the programming team for the Bioneers Conference. She is the communications liaison with all scheduled speakers, and she manages the large work-exchange crew who work with us each year.

Kelli’s previous professional experience was at EcoWorks Multimedia (a nonprofit project of the Tides Center) as assistant to the director, where she was responsible for office management, managing an organizational outreach program, supervising staff and intern schedules and editing manuscripts. Kelli has a B.A. in History from Salem State College, and is a certified dog trainer.

When not in the office, Kelli enjoys cooking healthy meals, backpacking and hiking with her dogs, and playing ice hockey.

Favorite Causes: Wildlife Biodiversity, Organic Food and Farming, Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods, Global Warming.

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