Maggie Kaplan

A social entrepreneur, climate change activist, artist, attorney and philanthropist, Maggie Kaplan is perhaps most proud of founding Invoking the Pause, one of her most recent social entrepreneur projects

Launched in 2007, Invoking the Pause (ITP) is an environmental small grants program designed to advance public awareness and engagement about climate change issues.  ITP’s mission is to invest time and resources to seed ideas, make connections, spark collaborations, and nurture networks– to help sustain the health and vitality of our planet.  At its heart, ITP offers a creative “pause” – a gift of time – to seed innovative reflection in interdisciplinary and collaborative ways to face these matters.  Maggie believes in the urgency of understanding and developing new strategies addressing various aspects of climate change realities.   Through 2015,  ITP has funded 35 projects covering a variety of disciplines–including artists, activists, business people, educators, filmmakers, health professionals  journalists, locavores,  photographers, scientists, and writers with a diverse geographic focus–from the local to the international–including the Amazon, Indonesia, Carribean & Jamaica, and Thailand.

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