Paul Vosbeek

Paul Vosbeek is the founding partner of Real NewEnergy. Since the founding and launch of Real NewEnergy early 2010, Paul has been involved and responsible for the development of whole spectrum of sustainability projects and technologies including small wind turbine technology, hydrokinetic turbine technology, the development of an offshore wind test lab and numerous energy vision, energy management and energy efficiency programs.

Paul is the Founder and Board Member of OrangeGoesGreen which has further broadened the team’s horizon and capabilities in sustainable and resilient solutions at the intersection of energy, water and food. Paul currently serves as the Managing Director for Energyworx USA. Paul founded cleantech startups in small-scale hydro energy and energy storage technology.

Paul transferred to Washington D.C. in September 2006 to set-up the US operations for a leading Dutch supplier of specialized machinery for the destruction of currency, coin and classified information media. Paul has been able to successfully develop the company based on developing a strong network of strategic partnerships and securing contracts with the Federal Government and the private sector. Paul has developed an in-depth understanding of the workings of the US market in general and US Government specifically.

Prior to that, Paul was running his own consulting company, Vosbeek Consulting which was specialized in international environmental and agricultural technology transfer projects.

Paul holds a Bachelor degree in International Business obtained in 1992 at the Higher School of Economics in Groningen, the Netherlands and the Ryerson University of Toronto, Canada

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