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What Will Your Legacy Be?

 “It’s 3:23 in the morning and I can’t sleep – because my great-great-grandchildren ask me in dreams: What did you do while the Earth was unraveling? What did you do once you knew?” 

Drew Dellinger at Bioneers

What will our legacy be to future generations and to life on Earth?

In 1990, our premise was simple: The solutions to our major environmental and social crises were largely present, or we knew what directions to head in. We began highlighting and connecting a web of authentic social and scientific visionaries who were seeing around corners to envision a restored world of thriving interdependence, and how we could get there.

Today, Bioneers is a vital and unique hub for this movement of movements that’s converging to build power to truly change the systems and paradigms. We can seriously influence the course of change with the wealth of practical wisdom, solutions and webs of connections contained in the Bioneers community of leadership.

Your bequest to the Bioneers Great-Great-Grandchildren Fund will ensure that this vital work will continue and grow. Your legacy gift will make a difference that really makes a difference for generations to come.

May these Bioneers breakthroughs be the stories our great-great-grandchildren tell around the council fire about how together we turned the tide and created a civilization conducive to life.

Bioneers always suggests that you work with a trusted financial advisor or estate lawyer to ensure you are taking the correct steps in arranging a legacy gift.

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