Ecological Design Volume 1 – CD/DVD Set

Ecological Design Volume 1 – CD/DVD Set


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Three Disc CD and Two Disc DVD Set

When you fight nature, you lose. As this Collection vividly brings to life, ecological design systems are far more efficient, economical, profitable and humane than current design norms. These practices are far less harmful and toxic, and restore natural capital and social capital.

In place of today’s failed brute-force approaches that attempt to dominate the natural world, these breakthrough innovators are demonstrating sophisticated ways of designing buildings, vehicles, technologies, cities and social systems to interact intelligently and harmoniously with living systems. From systems thinking and Biomimicry to Green Chemistry, “social biomimicry,” urban design and clean technologies, this Collection will enliven you with just how advanced the Ecological Design revolution is.

This is for the physical disc version. It is also available in digital download format.


John Todd | The Ecological Design Revolution


 Janine Benyus | Biomimicry: Emulating Life’s Genius and Grace


John Liu | Restoration Writ Large: Working with Nature to Heal Nature: Landscapes of Hope


Jay Harman | Designing the Next Golden Age


Amory Lovins | Reinventing Fire


Jeremy Narby | Intelligence in Nature: A Predator’s Inquiry




John Todd and David Orr | Ecological Design: On the Ground and in the Water


Janine Benyus | Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature


John Liu | Working With Nature to Heal Nature: Landscapes of Hope


Jay Harman and Paul Anastas | Nature Heals All Wounds: Spirals, Seashells and Molecular Architecture


Amory Lovins and David Orr | Security by Design: Environmental Security is Homeland


Jeremy Narby | Intelligence in Nature: Coming Full Circle

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