Ecological Food and Farming Volume 1 – CD/DVD Set

Ecological Food and Farming Volume 1 – CD/DVD Set


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Three Disc CD and Two Disc DVD Set

This eye-opening Collection shows how meeting the challenges of a growing global population and degraded ecosystems facing climate change and peak oil requires fundamental systemic shifts in our food systems. It means a greatly decentralized agriculture and food system. A worldwide movement is transforming our food systems to become resilient through ecological agriculture, healthy food, local food economies, and fair food accessible to all.

These leading visionary practitioners depict models of ecological agriculture and sustainable food systems. They’re challenging the corporatization of agriculture, factory farming and GMOs. They’re creating localized foodsheds, organic foods and sound nutrition, agricultural biodiversity, urban agriculture, indigenous agriculture and food justice.


Michael Pollan |Beyond the Bar Code: The Local Food Revolution


Peter Warshall | Dreaming New Mexico: The Age of Local Foodsheds and a Fair Trade State


J.L. Chestnut | Betting the Farm: How the Black Farmers' Lawsuit Opened the Farm Gate for Native Americans and Women


Percy Schmeiser | Corporate Power vs. the Small Farmer


Fred Kirschenmann | Transforming Agriculture


Thomas Linzey | Corporations vs. Democracy




Michael Pollan and Kathleen Harrison | Plants and People: Who Is Cultivating Whom?


Michael Ableman | A Fork in the Road: Make Friends with a Farmer


J.L. Chestnut | Honoring the Heritage of Black Farmers on the Land


Percy Schmeiser, Andrew Kimbrell and John Mohawk | The Trojan Gene: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Nature


Joel Salatin, Fred Kirschenmann and Wes Jackson | Tree of Knowledge – Tree of Life: Toward an Agriculture of Relationships


Thomas Linzey | On the Ground of Democracy: The Second American Revolution

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