Ecological Medicine Volume 1 – CD/DVD Set

Ecological Medicine Volume 1 – CD/DVD Set


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Three Disc CD and Two Disc DVD Set

This inspiring Collection illuminates the brilliant scientific, medical and social innovators creating a regenerative health-care system, healthy society and restored environment. To meet today’s healthcare challenges – increasing environmental toxicity and ecological degradation – a new Ecological Medicine is addressing public health as the interdependence of human and environmental health. Ironically, transforming the medical industry itself from being a major source of toxicity and environmental harms is also imperative.

These health innovators illustrate how environmental protection and the elimination of toxic industrial practices are fundamental to promoting wellness. Guided by the Precautionary Principle of “better safe than sorry,” they value an “integrative medicine” paradigm of the best of all modalities.

This is for the physical disc edition. It is also available in digital download format here.



Michael Lerner | The Emerging Environmental Health Movement: How to Connect Personal and Planetary Healing


Carolyn Raffensperger | The Precautionary Principle: Golden Rule for the New Millennium


Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. | Greening Medicine: The Role of Botanicals in the Changing Mainstream Medical Model


Sandra Steingraber | The Environmental Life of Children – from Placenta to Puberty


Martha Arguello | Precaution, Environmental Justice and Reciprocity


James Hillman | Accentuate the Positive: Reclaiming the Country from the Nation



Michael Lerner | The Age of Extinction: The Emerging Environmental Health Movement

Carolyn Raffensperger and Sharyle Patton | The Duh Principle: Better Safe than Sorry

Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. | Greening Medicine: The Mainstreaming of Herbs

Sandra Steingraber | Becoming a Habitat: Motherhood, Faith and the Environmental Human Rights Movement

Greg Watson, Martha Arguello and Carl Anthony | Race and Place: A Birthright to Creation

James Hillman | Taking Back the Country from the Nation: Finding the Light in the Shadows


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