Indigenous Essentials Volume 1 – CD/DVD Set

Indigenous Essentials Volume 1 – CD/DVD Set


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Three Disc CD and Two Disc DVD Set

This profoundly wise Collection offers knowledge and cultural wisdom from our “old-growth” indigenous cultures for how all people can “re-indigenize” ourselves on planet Earth. It’s rich with ancient wisdom and contemporary adaptive strategies for a sustainable, just and wise world.

Globally recognized indigenous leaders share Traditional Ecological Knowledge, an empirical “indigenous science” earned over generations — a different way of knowing that’s a crucial complement to Western science. They illuminate First Peoples’ “Original Instructions” for how a society can organize itself in harmony with place, embody kinship, and practice peace. They teach us how to be a good human in right relationship with the web of life and each other.

This is a physical disc set. It is also available in digital format here.




Tom B.K. Goldtooth | Indigenous Environmental Justice


Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. | Greening Medicine: Botanicals in the Changing Mainstream Medical Model


Jeannette Armstrong | Human Relationship as Land Ethic


Chief Oren Lyons | The Roots of American Democracy


John Mohawk | Survive and Thrive: Traditional Societies’ Lessons


Ohki Siminé Forest | Return of the Ancient Council Ways: Indigenous Survival in Chiapas




Ilarion Merculieff and Guadalupe Avila | Beloved Community: Hello, My Other Self


Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. | Greening Medicine: The Mainstreaming of Herbs


Jeannette Armstrong, Marlowe Sam, Evan Pritchard, Kxao=Oma and Megan Biesele | Indigenous Peace Technologies: The Ancient Art of Getting Along


Chief Oren Lyons, Leslie Gray and John Mohawk | Value Change for Survival: All My Relations


John Mohawk and Gary Paul Nabhan | Surviving Climate Change: Plants, People, Place


Jeannette Armstrong, Leslie Gray and Katsi Cook | Indigeneity: Becoming Native, Staying Native

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