Keynotes 2013 – DVD Set

Keynotes 2013 – DVD Set


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Four Disc DVD Set

The future we want is here now, as reflected in the inspiring models, practices and stories of the Bioneers community of leadership. A celebration of the genius of nature and human ingenuity, this set of National Bioneers Conference 2013 Keynote Talks & Performances highlights social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. This informative and inspiring material will fill you with hope and change the way you see the world.


R. Carlos Nakai | Opening Performance


Kenny Ausubel | Global Mashup: Moving Toward a Wisdom Culture


Jason McLennan | Living Buildings and a Regenerative World


Nina Simons | Walking While Listening: Aligning Head, Heart, Hand and Intuition


Will Keepin and Cynthia Brix | Gender Awareness


Nalini Nadkarni | Between Earth and Sky: Trees as Silent Teachers in Strident Times


Maya Salsedo | The Youth Food Bill of Rights


David McConville | Cosmomimicry: Why the Universe Matters


Rachel Bagby | Think… Act Globally


Jay Harman | The Nature of Innovation


Tim Merry | Holding Up a Mirror to the Moment (Day 1)


Kenny Ausubel | The Big Gulp


Louie Schwartzberg | "One Drop" Film


Janine Benyus | The Biomimicry Network Effect: What Will We Solve Together?


Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins | Motherhood and Leadership


Asa Needle | Toxic Soil Busters: Urban Soil Remediation


Tom B.K. Goldtooth | Stopping the Privatization of Nature and Commodification of Mother Earth


Darren Doherty | Regrarianism: Re-booting Agriculture for the Next 10,000 Years


Climbing PoeTree | A Tapestry of Spoken-Word Poetry and Movement (Day 1)


Danny Glover | The Long View for The Short Now: Reimagining Citizenship, Democracy and Nature


Tim Merry | Holding Up a Mirror to the Moment (Day 2)


Nina Simons | We're All Alone, Together: The Perplexing Paradoxes of Now


Ilarion Merculieff | The Womb at the Center of the Universe: Women Will Lead Us Through This Pivotal Time


Climbing PoeTree | A Tapestry of Spoken-Word Poetry and Movement (Day 2)


Billy Parish | 100% Clean Energy For and By The People


Kyle Thiermann | Surfing for Change


Dekila Chungyalpa | Faiths for Conservation: The Hope of a New Environmental Movement


Presentation of Joanna Macy's Lifetime Contribution Award


Joanna Macy | Choosing Life


John Densmore | Jim Morrison's 'Prayer for America'


Tim Merry and Friends | Holding Up a Mirror to the Moment (Day 3)


R. Carlos Nakai and Friends | Closing Performance

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