What are we excited for at Bioneers 2015?

What are we excited for at Bioneers 2015?

At Bioneers we have been very busy lately, working to make the best possible conference for you. While we will be even busier – if that is possible – during the conference, we all have a few things we will make sure not to miss. 

Check out our list below for insights on what elements of Bioneers 2015 can’t come soon enough for us. 

ChristyChristy Yip, Development Officer: “Aside from the amazing line up of keynote speakers, panels, workshops and intensives, I am EXTREMELY excited for all the new things that are happening at the conference this year: Family Fair, the Organic Valley Grass Up!, the Summit Tent and the art vendors and art installations. Of course, I always look forward to connecting with Bioneers coming to the conference from near and far and seeing how the conference inspires and moves people to their core.”

Cara_HeadshotCara Romero, Indigenous Knowledge Program Director: “I’m really excited to be engaging and directly connecting both Native and non-native California land managers at the TEK Pre Conference Intensive, Acorns, Elderberries and Pine Nuts: How to Keep Our Cultural Landscapes Healthy.

I’m equally excited to be bringing two of the biggest leaders in Indian Country (Adrienne Keene and Jessica Metcalfe) blazing the way with articulate and passionate discourse on Native Appropriations: Why Representations Matter.”

maria_headshotMaria Rotunda, Special Projects Manager: “I'm excited about the Green Blocs Pre-Conference Climate Intensive that focuses on collaborative climate policy innovations and especially hearing from Henk Ovink of the Netherlands in this intensive, his plenary and water session.

I'm also looking forward to our A-list of Change Makers showcasing their work to create a better world at our Fair this year. This includes the Ashland School of Environmental Technology, who will be demonstrating a future technology version of personal rapid transit which is similar to a train but with car size vehicles that get on and off a track in much the same way as automobiles enter and exit the highway.”

ana_headshotAna Yglesias, Communications Associate:  “I have been working to bring more art installations – as well as a new artisan vendor fair to Bioneers this year, and am very excited about all of the artists I have been in conversation with. Stay tuned for updates on what amazing art you will be able to see and interact with at the conference. Hint: The Inspiration Campaign will have a presence again this year.”

Nina_BW_HeadshotNina Simons, Co-Founder and President: “Here’s a don't miss: The intensive on Monday on Transforming Power Dynamics: This is the single thing I must confess to being MOST excited about, as I believe that Fierce Allies’ work offers practical tools that can upskill all of our efforts toward justice and healthier relationships. Being able to reclaim our dignity in the face of pervasive systems of bias (both implicit and systemic) is one of the most powerful things I can imagine producing, and I’m SO honored to be featuring it this year!”

Teo_HeadshotTeo Grossman, Director of Strategic Initiatives: "Managing our societal relationship with water drought, sea level rise, floods, water pollution is one of the major challenges for the foreseeable future. Henk Ovink and Andy Lipkis have brilliant, innovative approaches to re-imagining water management and I'm pretty interested to hear what they have to say."

JP_HeadshotJ.P. Harpignies, Bioneers Conference Associate Producer: “I always find unexpected moments of satori at Bioneers in presentations and in informal interactions, so I always look forward to being surprised by something or someone who wasn't previously on my radar, but as far as aspects of the program I do have some knowledge of, there is so much, though the Good Cop/Bad Cop session on how to improve corporate eco-social behavior, which features an incredibly stellar line-up of activists and thought leaders; the dialogue between the brilliant science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson and the great nature writer Alison Hawthorne Deming; and Shannon Dosemagen's presentation on citizen science activism, are particularly intriguing to me this year.”

Kelli_HeadshotKelli Barr, Project Manager: “I'm excited about the Family Fair activities, the Artisan Fair including the IFAM popup, the Healing Foods, Healthy Communities session, and the Destiny Arts performance from the Main Stage. I also think that the Living Seeds post-conference intensive will be interesting and educational.”

RobertaRoberta Giordano, Youth Leadership Coordinator: “I am so looking forward to attend the workshop RYSE: Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth led by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. This incredible workshop aims to create an opportunity for young change makers to come together as one to discuss the most pressing issues of our generation and identify creative solutions. This workshop is ideal for all those who already are engaged with the climate movement as well as for those who are eager to get plugged in! If you are looking for an empowering session to get recharged and regain hope, this is the session!”

BrandenBranden Barber, Director of Engagment and Development: “I’m excited to see rockstar activist, Eriel Deranger of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation take the main stage. An indigenous rights activist, she’s had tremendous success in leveraging those rights to fight the tar sands and the pipelines that threaten her home, community and our climate. Her talk on Reclaiming our Indigeneity and Our Place in Modern Society is not to be missed.

The Indigenous Tent is ALWAYS amazing I’m looking forward to that as it’s always a place where I come away feeling gratitude for the opportunities I have to learn from Indigenous peoples and to honor them through my own behavior and walk in my own life.

The Summit Tent is something I’ve always wanted to have access to – now it exists! It’s new and it’s going to be great! Ecopreneurs, green investors and young movers and shakers coming together to dive into what Bioneers does best – convening us around the council fire to share, inspire and go forth out into the world with new ideas and greater strength to make a better world!

The Saturday Night Awards Dinner and Dance Party is going to be SO much fun! I’ve always come to Bioneers to be inspired and to connect with people – this event is going to a a place to deepen new connections and have a blast!”

Dorothee-Dorothée Royal-Hedinger, Marketing Manager: “I’m really looking forward to the panel Leading from the Feminine on Friday. The session will feature four amazing activists and artists offering diverse perspectives on what it means to bring the feminine forward in leadership. It's an area of inquiry that is potent for me personally and valuable for all of us as we work to shift to a more life-sustaining culture. I'm also really excited to try Firefly Chocolate's brand new line of organic, artisan treats at the Change Makers Fair

Our video production intern Alex Caceres created a short montage to share his excitement. Check out his brand-new video below, featuring footage from last year’s conference.

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