Bioneers Conference – Artist Application 2023

For Bioneers’ 34th conference we are excited for art to play a vital, celebratory and transformational role at the conference!

Our mission is to program the 2023 conference with captivating, compelling and inspiring art and we invite you to help us make this vision a reality. For the first time, the conference will be taking place in Berkeley, CA across several different locations.

What is Bioneers?

The Annual Bioneers Conference is where you get a front row seat into a thriving and regenerative tomorrow, today. The conference is an engaging and inspiring environment of collaboration, with individuals of all sectors and disciplines, engaged in co-creating a regenerative future. The Bioneers conference is where social, environmental, and scientific innovators convene to present breakthrough solutions inspired by nature and powered by human ingenuity.

The Bioneers Conference fosters connection, cross-pollination and collaboration by bringing together diverse people and projects. We link strategic networks at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Bioneers conference attendance is 2,000+ with an engaged social media audience of 220,000+, and with a year-round engagement via its media and radio series production.

Arts are a vibrant and fundamental component of the Bioneers Conference. Feel free to take a look at the history of the arts at Bioneers.

Equilibrio Espiritual by Miguel Vilca

The Bioneers Conference will take place April 6th-8th,  2023 across different locations in Berkeley, CA.

We are looking for art in these categories:

  1. OUTDOOR ART INSTALLATIONS & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONS : We are going to be blocking off Allston Way in Berkeley and would love to activate it with socially engaged outdoor art installations. Large pieces would do very well here. Our goal is to curate the conference space with visually stimulating and thought provoking art.
  2. SMALL INDOOR INSTALLATIONS & SCULPTURES: We will be curating art exhibits inside the lobbies of the Freight and Salvage theater and  Zellerbach Hall. We are looking for free standing socially engaged art pieces to enliven the space.
  3. COMMUNITY ART PROJECTS: We’re looking for art projects that can be done outdoors on Allston Way and involve the greater Bioneers community, let’s activate the space with community art! Examples include inviting guests to paint prayer flags, posters, murals, community mandalas, etc. Please consider re-usable materials.
‘Manifest Destiny’ by Remy


  • Accepted artists will receive tickets to the conference and featured on our website and social media promotions. Artist Stipends will be made on a case by case basis, ranging from $50-$5000.

Our current social media numbers are:

Social Media cumulative: 220,000+

Newsletter Subscribers: 50,000+


Thursday January 12th, 2023 by 11:59pm pst.


Any questions or comments, please email 

The 2023 Artist Application has closed.

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