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Where do psychedelics fit into modern medicine and societal traditions?

Because psychedelics are currently generating so much interest and societal attitudes about them are undergoing enormous change, we decided this would be a propitious time to bring together some of the most interesting and topical material in this domain that has been generated under the auspices of Bioneers in the last few years in an easy-to-read and to-share format.

The very varied luminaries in this field featured in this mini-collection include journalist/author Michael Pollan, mycologist Paul Stamets, Mohawk midwife Katsi Cook, Brazilian anthropologist Bia Labate, therapist and professor Monnica Williams, ethno-botanists Kat Harrison and Mark Plotkin, and physician and cannabis researcher Karyemaitre Aliffe. 

Regenerative Agriculture

How Better Farming Can Help Save the Planet

Modern, “industrial” agriculture has radically boosted food production to feed billions, but its monocropping, fertilizer and pesticide use, and total dependence on fossil fuel, have come at an enormous cost to people and the planet, destroying whole ecosystems and radically degrading soil vitality. The way our food is produced, stored, transported, and processed is totally unsustainable, and in our current climate crisis, its carbon footprint simply can’t be ignored.

But obviously, our ever-growing human population can’t live without food production. In this Bioneers Reader, we take a look at how visionary reformers are demonstrating that healthy agriculture is possible, and even discovering ways saner food production can draw down carbon from the atmosphere to help combat climate change.

Our Economic Future

Achieving a More Equitable Society by Radically Rethinking Our Guiding Economic Ideas

This Bioneers Reader is a collection of pieces presenting wisdom from leading figures in progressive economic thought and action, all dealing with strategies to radically restructure our ever more inequitable, racist and environmentally devastating economic system. The subjects covered include how to: build vibrant local economies; boost the growth of worker-owned and public cooperatives; develop people-centered financial alternatives to big banks; rethink outmoded economic paradigms; and offer visions of what a truly humane and regenerative economy would look like. 

Intelligence in Nature

How Life from Sea to Sky Challenges Our Understanding of Consciousness, Empathy and Wit

Bioneers thought leaders have shared research and observations about nature’s intelligence for decades. In this reader, we’re excited to share a small selection of the groundbreaking concepts buzzed about within our community.

While Indigenous cultures all over the globe viewed (and often still view) the entire natural world as imbued with consciousness, it’s only very recently that contemporary science has finally begun to question the dualist, Cartesian worldview that for the last few centuries has seen humans as our planet’s only conscious agents, radically separate from nature.

Ecological Medicine

Healing the Earth. Healing Ourselves

Ecological medicine is a unifying field that embodies the recognition that human and environmental health are one notion, indivisible. It’s also a metaphor for the healing process intrinsic to life that applies to both ecosystems and our bodies. Modern medicine’s separation from nature is at the root of many tragedies, both human and environmental, and the Covid-19 pandemic is an object lesson in how disastrous that disconnection is to us as a society and civilization.

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