Program Purpose

The Restorative Food Systems Program helps transform the dominant, exploitive food system to one that is ecologically based, humane, socially just and equitable.

Over the past 30 years, Bioneers has demonstrated and taught how food system visionaries and practitioners are creating viable alternative models and practices that are regenerative, fair and economically robust. With the onset of climate disruption, taking these practices and models to scale is imperative.

Through the Bioneers conference, our media and special projects, we highlight successful models and innovative practices to expand grassroots knowledge and hasten the transformation to ecological agriculture and a just and healthy food system. We provide information, inspiration, connections and conceptual frameworks to help individuals, communities and decision-makers envision and implement their own sustainable food future.

• Since 1990, the conference has highlighted diverse visionaries reimagining food systems: organic and “beyond organic” ecological farming; seed diversity; soil fertility; food justice; carbon farming; more localized food systems; Indigenous farming practices; healthy food and nutrition; and resistance against GMOs, agribusiness and the corporatization of food and farming..

• We produce extensive media related to food systems, including our most recent Carbon Farming Series, and we’ve catalyzed significant media exposure and advancement for little known breakthrough people and work, such as Michael Pollan’s inclusion of farmer Joel Salatin as the protagonist in his bestselling book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. The Bioneers Food and Farming Media Collections offer themed collections of the “greatest hits” of conference food and farming keynotes. We create and distribute articles, interviews, podcasts and blogs with leading ecological farming visionaries and sustainable food systems leaders for the Bioneers website and partner outlets.

• We produce numerous hands-on trainings on leading-edge practices on model farms led by master eco-farmers and Permaculture, Biodynamic and other teachers.

In 2017 we began working with Bren Smith and GreenWave’s breakthrough model of 3-D Ocean Farming, profiled in May 2018 on 60 Minutes. Bioneers is collaborating with GreenWave to advance this remarkable technology spread to California. Not only does this elegantly simple system produce abundant health food, it simultaneously revitalizes the ocean, sequesters substantial carbon, provides terrestrial fertilizer, and offers an economic democracy model for localized food systems.

We’ve implemented change-oriented projects including:

The Carbon Farming Media Series shares the on-the-ground science on how agriculture can be a climate change solution.

• The Iroquois White Corn project with John Mohawk to help revive this important food and support Native farmers.

An eco-economic initiative with the Federation of Southern Cooperatives to support African American farmers in the Southeast remain and succeed on their farms.

Dreaming New Mexico: An Age of Local Foodsheds and a Fair Trade State, an atlas of food system sustainability that developed a framework for a state-level, local, socially just food system.

We thank all the remarkable people lighting the path to a healthy, just and regenerative food system.


Arty Mangan, Restorative Food Systems Director,


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