Decolonizing Thanksgiving

Decolonizing Thanksgiving

In 2016, Bioneers made a commitment to decolonize Thanksgiving, by recognizing and sharing the truth of what this holiday means for Native Americans and all Americans.

On this page, you can find resources to learn more about what it means to decolonize Thanksgiving, from articles to videos, and curriculum.

Join the movement to celebrate the real history of Thanksgiving, start conversations with your family and friends, and create new traditions.

How To Decolonize Thanksgiving

Educational Resources

Click on the links below for Thanksgiving Curriculum meticulously researched and written by Native American content creators. Learn the real history of Thanksgiving from a Native American perspective. Access lesson plans and activities that are inclusive of all children, and actively avoid the perpetuation of lies and stereotypes

Find out whose ancestral territories you are living on

Explore the interactive map below, developed by the team at, to learn whose ancestral territories you are living on. Once you’ve done this, go ahead and take the next step: learn how to create a meaningful and appropriate land acknowledgement using the toolkit developed by the team at the California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center and Palomar College American Indian Studies. Download the Land Acknowledgement PDF Toolkit.

Beyond Thanksgiving – Resources for Decolonizing Your Life

The Thanksgiving holiday is just a starting point in the decolonization movement. Check out these resources to learn more about what it means to decolonize your life from the landback movement to decolonizing street names, food, and more.

Additional Resources

Learn more from tribes and organizations specifically associated with the Thanksgiving story.

Learn about leading organizations doing decolonization and education work.

Our new Bioneers podcast series, Indigeneity Conversations, features deep and engaging conversations with Native culture bearers, scholars, movement leaders, and non-Native allies on the most important issues and solutions in Indian Country. The series is hosted by Bioneers Indigeneity Program Directors Cara Romero (Chemehuevi) and Alexis Bunten (Unangan/Yup’ik).

Indigeneity Conversations explores compelling issues such as Indigenous Land Return, Cultural Appropriation, Rights of Nature and other essential conversations that exemplify the essential leadership role that Indigenous cultures are playing in the effort to reshape and transform society’s relationship with the natural world while highlighting the contemporary lives, work and experiences of Native Americans.

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