Carbon Farming: Agriculture’s Solution to Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest threats that humanity has ever faced. Even in its early stages, we have seen its tragic consequences in New Orleans, Houston, Puerto Rico, the historic droughts and vast fires in California and catastrophic climate disasters in many other locales. Yet there seems to be a dearth of practical solutions.

Without question, the world must transition to renewable energy, but making that transition, even at the rate of the most optimistic projections, won’t be fast enough to stabilize the climate. In addition to renewable energy, we must draw down carbon from the atmosphere and replenish the depleted stores of carbon in the soil where it enhances fertility, boosts productivity, and creates drought resilience. Agriculture can be a driving force to mitigate climate change by adopting carbon farming practices.

“Carbon Farming: Agriculture’s Solution to Climate Change” presents solutions, practices and the latest research on how farmers and ranchers can play a preeminent role in addressing climate change and ensuring food security by stewarding working landscapes to sequester carbon.

Farmers, ranchers, scientists, food systems activists and ecologists, who are developing a deep understanding of how to use carbon as an organizing principle in their work, share how they are shifting the perception of carbon as a problem and designing systems that use carbon as a benefit and a solution.


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