Visionary Plant Consciousness & Psychedelics

This eye-opening media collection of dynamic talks and panel discussions from the Bioneers Conference archive offers an expansive view of the power of sacred vision-inducing and consciousness-altering plants and other “psychedelic” (“mind manifesting”) substances. Since the 1991 Bioneers Conference, many of the luminaries in this field have explored this controversial area: the mysteries of plant intelligence and of consciousness itself. We’ll be expanding this online collection ongoing with new material regularly. 

At this moment of a historic renaissance of serious research into the science and healing powers of psychedelics – a time when the popular use of psychedelics in the U.S. today is as big as it was during its ‘60s heyday – this collection features many of the leading figures in the field: the late Terence McKenna, Dr. Andrew Weil, Michael Pollan, Wade Davis, Paul Stamets, Frances Huxley, Jeffrey Bronfman, Katsi Cook and Kat Harrison. They are ethnobotanists, anthropologists, medical researchers, activists, writers, gardeners, artists, and cultural and spiritual figures.

These remarkable talks cover a wide spectrum: the emerging science, the use of psychedelics as healing agents, and their socio-cultural impacts in the modern West. Others focus on the use of sacred plants in certain traditional First Nations’ cultures and the links between Indigenous worldviews and contemporary ecological consciousness, where people often report deep biophilic experiences of the natural world and nature’s intelligence.

These substances have had a powerful and long-lasting influence on our culture’s music, literature, art, fashions and technology (the cyber revolution’s origins are awash in LSD). However, these influences aren’t uniformly positive or free of risks, excess, and folly, and these experiences need to be approached with respect, caution, guidance and care.

At this moment of dramatically renewed interest in the curative potential of psychedelics and promising clinical trials and research projects, the release of this treasure trove from our archives is especially timely. We hope you find this material as inspiring and provocative as we do.

New and Noteworthy
An excellent new online publication, Lucid News, led by Ken Jordan and Anne Harrison, is offering the most serious, leading-edge, rigorous journalism covering the growing integration of psychedelics into society and their broad implications for human wellness. Highly recommended.

Major Upcoming Events
Horizons 2020: Perspectives on Psychedelics, October 8-12, 14th Annual Conference. This event, which examines the role of psychedelic drugs and plant medicines in science, medicine, culture, and spirituality, is the largest and longest-running annual gathering of the psychedelic community in the world. This year it will be offered both live in New York City and via live-streaming worldwide.

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Visionary Plants, Psychedelic Experiences and Human Cultures
The Medical and Healing Potential of Psychedelics
Drug Politics and Policy
Intelligence in Nature and More
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Welcome Free Speech TV Viewers. Let Bioneers be your hub for information and action regarding the world's most pressing environmental and social challenges.
Welcome Free Speech TV Viewers. Let Bioneers be your hub for information and action regarding the world's most pressing environmental and social challenges.