Visionary Plant Consciousness & Psychedelics

This eye-opening collection of talks and panel discussions from the Bioneers archives as well as regularly added new material offers an expansive view of sacred, vision-inducing and consciousness-altering plants and other “psychedelic” (“mind manifesting”) substances. Since 1991 the Bioneers Conference has featured many of the leading figures exploring these fascinating domains.

These remarkable video and audio presentations, essays and interviews cover a wide spectrum, including: emerging scientific research, the history of psychedelics, their use as healing agents, and their socio-cultural impacts. One main area of focus is the use of sacred plants in some First Nations’ cultures and the links between Indigenous worldviews and contemporary ecological consciousness, including new appraisals of “intelligence in nature.”

These long demonized substances have had a powerful and long-lasting influence on our culture’s spirituality, music, literature, art, fashions and technology. However, these influences aren’t uniformly positive or free of risks, excess, and folly, so any such experiences need to be approached with respect, caution, guidance and care, but at this moment of dramatically renewed interest in the curative potential of psychedelics and promising clinical trials and research projects, the release of this treasure trove from our archives is especially timely. We hope you find this material as inspiring and provocative as we do.

Note: For more on why Bioneers includes this domain among our areas of interest, read Why Psychedelics? by J. P. Harpignies.

The psychedelic community owes enormous debts to Indigenous cultures, but has done very little to offer large-scale, tangible support that actually reaches frontline communities. The Chacruna Institute’s Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative was created to fill that void.

Visionary Plants, Psychedelic Experiences and Human Cultures
The Medical and Healing Potential of Psychedelics
Drug Politics and Policy
Intelligence in Nature and More
Essays on Psychedelics

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