Bioneers Study Guides: Climate Change e-Book

Bioneers Study Guides: Climate Change e-Book


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Featuring “The Climate Fight Gets Hotter” with Bill McKibben and “emPOWERed” with Michael Brune

Why Bioneers Study Guides?

Education is evolving. Not too long ago, educational materials were the sole purview of schools and higher academic institutions.

Today, learner-centric platforms and applications are flourishing, thanks in part to a surge of complementary and open-source curricula created by cultural and scientific organizations as well as educators themselves.

As part of our mission to spread breakthrough solutions for people and planet, we collaborated with the education experts at Trio to create Bioneers Study Guides.

Bioneers Study Guides leverage 26 years of actionable intelligence represented in our extensive media archive. The wide range of topics are relevant for inclusion in many different curricula—from science to civics, economics to art—and are easily integrated into any type of classroom.

We’re making these guides freely available for download to ensure everyone, especially future generations, are learning in ways that engage the challenges and opportunities facing humanity today.

Bioneers Study Guides in Your Classroom

Bioneers Study Guides have been created with every type of classroom setting in mind. They are suited for grades 9-12, and potentially some introductory university courses.

The quality of content, wealth of resources and collective wisdom of the Bioneers archive allow for effective integration in Traditional and Flipped Classrooms, as well as Project Based Learning, Service Learning, and Remote Learning environments.

All Bioneers Study Guides are written in alignment with relevant long-standing national standards as well as New Common Core standards.

The Indigenous Knowledge, Climate Change and Restorative Food Systems Study Guides featured above align with:

  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • The National Geographic Standards

Forthcoming topics in the Bioneers Study Guide Series will also align with:

  • National Social Studies Standards
  • National Standards for Civics & Government
  • National History Standards

Given Bioneers speakers’ critical roles in addressing our world’s challenges, our video and written content and that of our partners provide an excellent foundation for Project-Based and Service Learning lesson plans.

Plus, our extensive multimedia collection is now available for purchase and can be accessed online, making it even easier for use by academic institutions and informal educational partners, and with online platforms such as Skype in the Classroom.