Bioneers Radio Series XIII – CD Set

Bioneers Radio Series XIII – CD Set


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Seven Disc CD Set

Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature is an award-winning public affairs radio series featuring visionary voices from the forefront of environmental restoration, social justice and cultural healing. These bioneers are social and scientific innovators exploring breakthrough solutions for people and planet. They span the rich arc of the human endeavor and practical transformation toward a future environment of hope.

The complete series, including:

Paul Hawken | Regeneration: Wisdom of the Wild, Generosity of the Heart


Bill McKibben and Sandra Steingraber | The New Abolitionists: Farewell, Fossil Fuels


Jason McLennan and Cheryl Dahle | Disruptive Design: What Good Looks Like


john a. powell, Grace Bauer | In Pursuit of Happiness: Becoming Beloved Community


Greg Sarris | Betting Big on a Native Dream: Coming Home to a "We" Culture


Atossa Soltani and Marina Silva | Amazon Visions: Saving the Heart of the Planet


Victor Menotti, john a. powell and Steven Hill | One Percent Solutions: Climate Disruption, Fossil Billionaires and Democracy Deficits


Rev. Fletcher Harper, Rev. Sally Bingham and G.L. Hodge | Church Without a Roof: Keeping the Faith with Creation Care


Bill McKibben, Carolyne Stayton, Mary Gonzales and Colonel Mark "Puck" Mykleby | Resilience From the Ground Up: A New Strategic Narrative


Rose Aguilar, Sandra Steingraber, Vanessa Daniel and Eveline Shen | Women Changing the Story: Mother Bears, Polar Bears and Women's Leadership


Gabor Maté, M.D. | Inner Resilience: Back to Our True Nature


Gar Alperovitz and Ted Howard | A Parade of Dwarves: Democratizing Wealth Creation for a New Economy


Nikki Henderson | Flavors of a Whole Community: Ingredients for Food Justice

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