Re-Imagining Labor in a Green Economy Volume 1 – CD/DVD Set

Re-Imagining Labor in a Green Economy Volume 1 – CD/DVD Set


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Three Disc CD and Two Disc DVD Set

This inspiring Collection features visionary leaders working for an environmentally healthy and equitable society. They’re radically re-thinking our guiding economic ideas and practices. Just as economic motives and systems are driving the destruction of nature and human communities, a Green Economy can act as a restorative force.

These courageous, inventive innovators are helping bring justice and equity for workers; birthing new business and labor incentives and models that distribute ownership and access to capital; accounting for the real ecological and social costs of current technologies, goods and services; and challenging corporate monopoly and control. They’re creating the Green Economy that will benefit all people and restore nature.

This is for the physical disc edition. It is also available in digital download format.



Jerome Ringo | Color of Green: The Next Inconvenient Truth
Maria Elena Durazo | Building Alliances: Labor, Immigration and the Environment
Roxanne Brown | Blue and Green: Working Together to Secure a Sustainable Future
Omar Freilla | Greening the Inner City: Jobs, Health, Justice and the Environment
Lucas Benitez | Fighting for Justice for Farmworkers
Ai-Jen Poo | A Caring, Sustainable Economy for the 21st Century


Jerome Ringo and Billy Parish | Generation Green: Fulfilling the Promise of Jobs and Justice
Manuel Pastor, Maria Elena Durazo and Rev. Alexia Salvatierra | Green-Collar Jobs: Laboring into the Next Economy
Roxanne Brown and Charlotte Brody | Good Jobs, Clean Environment: Both or Neither
Severine von Tscharner Fleming, Tyler Webb, Sarita Role Schaffer, Nikki Henderson and Anim Steel | Radical Patriotism: Growing Growers and Seeding Leaders for a Real Food Future
Lucas Benitez | Fair Food: Ending Slavery in the Fields
Mary Gonzales and Peggy Shepard | Don’t Mourn, Organize: Power and Passion for Environmental Justice and Democracy

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