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How Artivists Are Making the Invisible Visible

In this newsletter, we share five interviews with various eco-artists: Mer Young, Patricia Watts, Lindsay Wood, Patsy Craig, and Veronica Ramirez.

Ecological Design
Designing for a Regenerative Future: What’s Love Got to Do with It? With Jason F. McLennan

What would it feel like to live in a world where our built environment was as elegant as nature's designs? Architect and designer Jason F. McLennan takes the revolution from the heart of nature and the human heart into our built environment.

What It Means to Decolonize Thanksgiving In 2022

In this newsletter, we share our ideas developed by the Bioneers Indigeneity Program about how to transform Thanksgiving into a new set of narratives that honor nature, the plants and animals indigenous to this land, and help us reconcile our nation’s troubled past.  

Bioneers News
Nature’s Brilliance Book Giveaway

Enter below by December 31 at midnight PT for a chance to win an incredible bundle of books! As we move into a season with less light and more opportunity for inward reflection, we’re reminded of the myriad ways — large and small — that nature reveals its intelligence to us. Deciduous trees shed their…

3 Ways to Teach Young Children About Thanksgiving – An Indigenous Perspective

The authors of children's book "Keepunumuk: Weeâchumun's Thanksgiving Story" share three ways for children to be involved in Thanksgiving that pay respect to the indigenous history of the holiday.

Do What You Love, The Rest Will Follow: An Interview with Indigenous Artist and Activist Mer Young

"I was told as a youth that art wouldn't take me anywhere, but when I created, it did." Learn more from Mer Young, an Indigenous (Chichimeca and Apache) socially-engaged, Southern California-based artist with a global reach.

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Living Small to Live Big: An Interview with Lindsay Wood, the ‘Tiny Home Lady’

"I have really enjoyed reducing the items I own because they actually end up owning you." Lindsay Woods tells the story of how she became the Tiny Home Lady.

Reconsidering All that Drives Us: An Interview with Patsy Craig, Founder of AWA

"Given the current state of planetary affairs, I hear our earth mother’s calls loud and clear." Artivist Patsy Craig discusses her work with AWA and plans for future projects.

Sacred Activism: An Interview with Artist Veronica Ramirez

"We are not defeated as long as we remember who we are and what’s really important." Artist Veronica Ramirez discusses her journey in "earth mandala medicine" and beyond.

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