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‘Closing the Gates to Hell’: A Global Plan to Phase Out Fossil Fuels and Accelerate a Just Transition

The absurd reality in which climate talks and policies largely ignore the drivers of the climate crisis — oil, gas and coal — is starting to change. Learn about the growing momentum for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Ecological Medicine
Researcher Discusses Broader Implications of Orangutan Using Healing Plant 

In the following Q&A with Bioneers, Cognitive Biologist and Primatologist Isabelle Laumer discusses the groundbreaking observation of Rakus, the first wild animal researchers have seen treating his or her own wound with a healing plant.

Food and Farming
‘The Seed Was Their Most Precious Legacy’: Why Black Land Matters 

Black farmer and food justice activist Leah Penniman discusses the rich agricultural history of African people and how descendants of formerly enslaved people can honor that legacy by continuing their relationship with the land.

Nature, Culture and Spirit
Climate, Psychology, and Change: Reimagining Psychotherapy in an Era of Global Disruption and Climate Anxiety

Western psychotherapy in a collectively traumatized world urgently requires a holistic and intersectional rethinking and reframing of our baseline “normal.” This new anthology is a reimagining of the field to help us build resilience and hold space for unfolding uncertainties as we learn to heal.

Environmental Education
The Jewel Box: How Moths Illuminate Nature’s Hidden Rules

In this excerpt from “The Jewel Box: How Moths Illuminate Nature’s Hidden Rules,” ecologist Tim Blackburn tells the story of the day a swarm of migrating Silver Y moths invaded a European soccer final and stole the show.

Interdependence: Coming Together to Fight Corporate Power, Big Tech and Unjust Debt

Learn about movements finding common ground to take on corporate power, economic inequality, climate change, and other key issues.

Featured Media
Debt’s Reach: Unveiling Injustice and Collective Power with the Debt Collective

Explore the transformative power of solidarity and resistance against debt injustice through the compelling voices of Maddy Clifford and René Christian Moya, two champions of economic liberation and collective action with the Debt Collective.

Democracy Means Community Engagement, Every Day

We simultaneously face two related existential crises — climate breakdown and radical threats to democracy worldwide. Can democracy withstand climate chaos? Is a reformed and stronger democracy our best hope to make it through the long emergency ahead of us? What’s needed?

Nature, Culture and Spirit
Decoding the Symphony of Sperm Whales: New Study Dives into Complex Vocalizations

Delve into the enigmatic world of sperm whale communication. A recent study by Project CETI uncovers previously hidden complexities in sperm whale calls, challenging conventional views and offering a fascinating glimpse into the parallels between human and non-human intelligence.

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