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Ecological Design
Rethinking Our Relationship to Water Amid the Impacts of Climate Change

In this week’s newsletter, we explore natural solutions for managing floods and droughts amid the climate crisis.

Ecological Design
Embracing Slow Water: Rediscovering the True Nature of Earth’s Lifeline

Discover the profound essence of water's rhythms and the transformative journey towards harmony with our planet's lifeline in this captivating excerpt from "Water Always Wins" by Erica Gies.

Ecological Design
Hoboken’s Resilience to Flooding: A Model for Climate Adaptation

Hoboken's innovative approach to stormwater management, showcased on The Brian Lehrer Show, highlights proactive strategies for climate resilience, offering lessons for cities grappling with the growing threat of climate change.

Ecological Design
Navigating the Waters of Ecological Innovation: A Conversation with Erin English on Integrated Water Strategies and Biophilic Design

Erin English, a leader in Integrated Water Strategies, discusses the vital intersection of sustainability, innovation, and biophilic design in reimagining our relationship with water and ecological restoration.

The Promise of Restorative Justice: Insights from Leading Advocates

In this week’s newsletter, explore stories, insights, and initiatives driving change in this radical re-visioning of our failed justice system.

Restoring Ecosystems
New Study Solves Long-Standing Mystery of Starfish Body Structure

Scientists use genetic and molecular tools to map the starfish nervous system, revealing they are bodiless heads.

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Nature, Culture and Spirit
Deep Listening: Whale Culture, Interspecies Communication, and Knowing Your Place

Dr. Shane Gero, a visionary marine biologist, is angling to crack the code of sperm whale communication. His mind-bending research is transforming what we thought we knew about these ancient leviathans. What can whale culture teach us, and can deep listening help us learn to coexist respectfully in kinship with these guardians of the deep?

Restoring Ecosystems
Kim Stanley Robinson – What I’ve Learned since The Ministry for the Future Came Out in 2020

Kim Stanley Robinson's visionary 2020 novel, Ministry for the Future, projects how a possible climate-disrupted future might unfold and how the world might respond. It’s also full of brilliant science and wildly imaginative ways humanity steps up. In this talk, Stan offers us his overview of where we currently stand in relation to the climate crisis.

Ecological Design
How Human Composting May Help Us Reimagine Death

In this conversation, Architect Katrina Spade shares how she came to invent human composting and its current trajectory.

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