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Decolonizing Thanksgiving: Dismantling the Mythos

This Thanksgiving, we're sharing our decolonizing thanksgiving deep-dive resource in commitment to sharing the truth about what this holiday means.

Deanna Van Buren – Achieving Equity in the Built Environment

Architect Deanna Van Buren shares how her studio works to counter the traditional adversarial and punitive architecture that characterizes our legal system by creating spaces and buildings that enable Restorative Justice, community building, and housing for people coming out of incarceration.

Julian Brave NoiseCat – Apocalypse Then & Now

Julian Brave NoiseCat, an activist and one of this era’s most brilliant emerging progressive journalists and thinkers, lays out the case for the moral imperative to assure that Indigenous voices have a central role in humanity’s struggle to address the existential climate crisis.

Healing From Colonization on Thanksgiving and Beyond

Hilary Giovale and Edgar Villanueva discuss steps to bridge the colonial divide in America by first acknowledging America’s violent history and then taking active steps to heal from the intergenerational wounds that affect us all.

Indigenize the Law: Tribal Rights of Nature Movements with Casey Camp-Horinek Part 1

In this episode with Matriarch Casey Camp-Horinek, we talk about how a burgeoning indigenous-led Rights of Nature movement has the potential to protect ecosystems from destruction by granting legal rights to nature itself.

Nature, Culture and Spirit
Plant Teachers: Ayahuasca, Tobacco and the Pursuit of Knowledge

In this book, Indigenous Amazonian healer, Rafael Chanchari Pizuri, and anthropologist Jeremy Narby explore the convergence of science and shamanism.

Featured Media
The Green New Deal: Launching the Great Transformation with Demond Drummer and Tom Hayden

As climate chaos and obscene inequality ravage people and planet, a new generation of visionaries is emerging to demand a bold solution: a Green New Deal. Is it a remedy that can actually meet the magnitude and urgency of this turning point in the human enterprise?

Ecological Medicine
As The World Burns Rupa Marya

In this excerpt from the groundbreaking newly released book, INFLAMED: DEEP MEDICINE AND THE ANATOMY OF INJUSTICE, Dr. Rupa Marya calls for a diagnoses to the inflammation of our planet and collective health.

Food and Farming
Malik Yakini – Food, Race and Justice

Malik Yakini, Executive Director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, will explore how the current industrial food system that supplies most of our food creates inequities, based in part on the social construct we call “race.” He will share wise perspectives on addressing racism, thinking beyond the logic of capitalism and how we…

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Bioneers Conference

Join this unique community of leadership to turn vision into action. May 12-15, 2022.

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