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Nick Estes – The Age of the Water Protector and Climate Chaos

Nick Estes describes the Anishinaabe people’s resistance to the “Line 3” pipeline in Minnesota, the outsized impact frontline Indigenous communities are having in resisting extractive industries, the importance Earth-centered approaches to fighting for Climate Justice, and the overarching goal of being “good ancestors of the future.”

Food and Farming
Healing Grounds: Climate, Justice, and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming

This excerpt from Healing Grounds: Climate Justice and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming, tells the story of farmers and scientists of color who are reviving ancestral regenerative farming traditions to respond to climate change and racial injustice in tandem. For them, as it was for their ancestors, regenerative agriculture is way of life.

Food and Farming
Karen Washington – 911 Our Food System Is Not Working

We can’t talk about a fair, just, and equitable food system without radical new thinking and putting in a lot work. Karen Washington, one of the most renowned and influential food activists of our era shares her wisdom and her analysis of why the food system doesn’t need to be fixed but has to be dramatically transformed.

Alexandria Villaseñor – Working Together: Building Coalitions of Power in the Global Youth Climate Movement

An international youth organizer since the age of 13, Alexandria Villaseñor shares the unique ways in which a multicultural, geographically distributed youth movement is building trust, negotiating compromises, distributing decision-making and centering the stories, experiences and leadership of those most impacted in each action and campaign.

Clayton Thomas-Müller – Reparations, Healing and Reconciliation—A Battle Against the Winter Spirit, Witigo’

Cree legends talk about the nefarious winter spirit Witigo’, which can possess you to such an extent that you become stricken with insatiable greed and hunger. Clayton Thomas-Müller offers this as a metaphor for the mindset that has brought us the ravages of extractive capitalism and the oppression of First Peoples and other historically disenfranchised groups.

Nature, Culture and Spirit
Nina Simons: Navigating the Nexus – Nature, Culture & the Sacred

"If you’re at all like me, you may be having trouble finding your way through the challenging confluence of crises we are facing these days." Bioneers Co-founder Nina Simons explores how we can support each other to make our way through the maze we're currently facing.

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Inheritance with Maxx Fenning

Maxx Fenning, founder and President of PRISM, a nonprofit organization that works to expand access to LGBT-inclusive education and sexual health resources for young people in South Florida, discusses his experiences standing on the shoulders of a decades-long fight for LGBT rights and how to help pass on the torch to a new wave of young activists.

The Queer-Led Groups Modeling a New Form of Land Access

Changing ownership and wealth distribution, even at a small scale, presents a model for how to ultimately address the climate crisis.

Lessons of Resilience from Queer Movements for Liberation

Vanessa Raditz from the Queer Ecojustice Project offers insights into the many forms of queer resilience, uplifting the resistance, visibility and power of LGBTQ+ people in movements for justice, care and liberation.

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