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Our Beloved Blue Home Is Grieving J. Nichols’ Passing

Since June 10, when Wallace J. Nichols, PhD left this life at age 56, the sea turtles, cetaceans and all water-dwelling creatures have been mourning the loss of one of their greatest advocates and allies.

Fighting for Democracy Amid Climate and Political Breakdown

Learn from resolute movement-builders manifesting democracy in the face of climate chaos and emboldened neo-fascist movements.

Ecological Design
The Nature of Our Cities: How Technology and Ecology Are Redefining Urban Life

A trailblazing ecological engineer explores scientists’ and citizens’ precarious fusion of nature and technology to unveil a blueprint for transforming cities into thriving, climate-change-resilient urban havens.

Food and Farming
The Sacred Plant Biocultural Recovery Initiative: An Interview with Gary Paul Nabhan

Sacred plants used in spiritual traditions all over the world are at risk from warfare, climate change and overharvesting. In this interview, Gary Paul Nabhan talks about how the multicultural, Sacred Plant Biocultural Recovery Initiative will work to safeguard, restore and “rematriate” sacred and ceremonial plants.

What the Hell Should We Be Doing About Rising Fascism?

Political movement-builders, communicators and activists come together to discuss contemporary expressions of fascism and how individuals, communities, organizations and networks can respond and resist.

Art for Action in a World Seeking Change

Explore how some of today’s most engaged artists (“artivists”) are enacting change in their communities through their work.

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Rojava Revolution: Women’s Liberation, Democracy and Ecology in North-East Syria

Two writers and activists who recently returned from Rojava discuss the revolution’s achievements, its challenges, and its enduring relevance for liberatory movements worldwide.

Democracy Means Community Engagement, Every Day

We simultaneously face two related existential crises — climate breakdown and radical threats to democracy worldwide. Can democracy withstand climate chaos? Is a reformed and stronger democracy our best hope to make it through the long emergency ahead of us? What’s needed?

Ecological Design
As Recognition of Intelligent Forest Systems Grows, So Has Pushback

Globally renowned researcher and bestselling author Suzanne Simard discusses the complex, interconnected forest ecosystem; its importance in addressing climate change and biodiversity loss; and pushback against her groundbreaking work.

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