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Bioneers is a network of networks, a vibrant hub of social and scientific innovators, organizations and movements. Our work is made possible by close partnerships with countless people, businesses and organizations over the years. Our website is no different and we’re honored to have the permission of a number of generous individuals whose work is featured in this website.


Many of the background images throughout the site are the mesmerizing drawings of 19th century German biologist and naturalist, Ernst Haeckel. His detailed and beautiful drawings of Forms in Nature are now in the public domain.

Bioneers has long partnered with artists to help convey the enduring connection between culture and nature. We’re pleased to feature images from a number of artists throughout this website including:

Isabella Kirkland: Isabella Kirkland’s work presents a seamless blend of art and science with attention to the techniques of the Dutch Old Masters, as well as her meticulous approach to her subject through a scientific lens.

TRADE, 2001 (slider on front page): Wild populations of the species in this painting are depleted by collection for both legal and illegal markets.

EMERGENT, 2011: Emergent 2011 depicts the uppermost layer of an imaginary, mid-elevation tropical rainforest, where the tallest trees emerge into full sun. In this airy part of the forest habitat, 200 feet above the ground, plants and animals exist that are seen nowhere else, and whose entire life cycles are spent in the trees. The trees themselves, mostly evergreen hardwoods, live very self-contained lives—most do not touch their neighbors at all. Species tend to bloom synchronously.

Cara Romero:

Born in Inglewood, CA in 1977, Cara was raised on the Chemehuevi Valley Indian reservation along the California shoreline of Havasu Lake in the heart of the Mojave Desert, and later, Houston, TX, and Santa Fe, NM. Cara’s work reflects her diverse training in film, digital, fine art, journalism, editorial portraiture and commercial photography. She shows at both the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Indian Art Market.Her work is featured year round at the Robert Nichol’s Gallery of Santa Fe. Cara lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is married to Cochiti potter Diego Romero.

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