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Changing the World by Changing the Story

As human beings, we’re hard-wired for story and metaphor. We live in a “house made of stories,” as Native American author N. Scott Momaday put it.

Changing the story changes the world. Our impulse to create Bioneers was to spread the inspiring stories breakthrough solutions for our most pressing environmental and social crises. When people realize solutions exist, it leverages the pressure for change, always our purpose. It became immediately clear the conference provided a perennial wellspring of powerful media content seldom found elsewhere, including marginalized voices and issues. Early on we began using the phrase, “Communicate, Connect, Catalyze.”

Our goal has always been to bring attention to the people and projects we showcase. From the inception, we gained press coverage for these stories nationally and locally. We edited, published and disseminated audio and transcripts, including “Voices of the Bioneers” features that quickly found their way into other publications.

We began producing keynote videos and our multi-award-winning radio series in 2001, which remain massive outreach tools, now supplemented by a robust social media presence and strategy. Collectively, these efforts reach and educate millions annually. We served as a source for numerous third-party books and films, such as Michael Pollan’s bestselling book The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The 11th Hour (in which Bioneers co-founder Kenny Ausubel appeared and which he helped promote with Leonardo at the Cannes and Hollywood premieres).

We produce extensive online and social media content, including viral videos that have reached millions of viewers.

Today most Americans and many others get the majority of our “environmental education” through media. Countless people become aware of crucial environmental issues and solutions through Bioneers media, and many become engaged to act. Our metrics are “Return on Influence” and “Return on Engagement.” Bioneers media are changing the story and changing the world.

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