Bioneers Reader: Intelligence In Nature

Bioneers thought leaders have shared research and observations about nature’s intelligence for decades. In this reader, we’re excited to share a small selection of the groundbreaking concepts buzzed about within our community.

While Indigenous cultures all over the globe viewed (and often still view) the entire natural world as imbued with consciousness, it’s only very recently that contemporary science has finally begun to question the dualist, Cartesian worldview that for the last few centuries has seen humans as our planet’s only conscious agents, radically separate from nature.

When you download this Bioneers Reader, you’ll have access to ideas from:

  • James Nestor on what we know about how whales communicate
  • Monica Gagliano on plant intelligence and the role of imagination in science
  • Carl Safina on what goes on inside animals’ heads
  • Robin Kimmerer on the inextricable link between humans and the natural world
  • Jeremy Narby on signs that plants and animals think and feel
  • Paul Stamets on the surprising ways in which mushrooms may help save an entire animal species

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