Nature, Culture and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership

We are excited to announce that the second edition of Nina’s book, Nature, Culture and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership, is now available to order!

Bioneers co-founder Nina Simons offers inspiration and guidance for anyone who aspires to grow into their own unique form of leadership with resilience and joy.

As a special offer to our colleagues at the National Women’s Studies Association, Nina Simons is excited to share an introduction to her award-winning book Nature, Culture & the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership in the form of a free, downloadable selection of essays and support materials for the whole text.

Informed by her extensive experience with multicultural women’s leadership development, Simons replaces the old patriarchal leadership paradigm with a more feminine-inflected style that illustrates the interconnected nature of the issues we face today. Sharing moving stories of women around the world joining together to reconnect people, nature and the land—both practically and spiritually—Nature, Culture & the Sacred is necessary reading for anyone who wants to learn from and be inspired by women who are leading the way towards transformational change by cultivating vibrant movements for social and environmental justice.

Nature, Culture & the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership, a Gold Nautilus Award for Women in the 21st Century and the recipient of a Silver Nautilus Award for Social Change & Racial Justice, is now available for purchase on

This is the time when the power of women returns to us, as we reaffirm our relationships to each other and to our Mother Earth. Together we will doula the next economy into being, re-birthing ourselves and this world. Nina’s writing explores the path forward on this journey that we will make together.
Winona LaDuke, Executive Director, Honor the Earth

Nina Simons’ new book is fierce and wise in its illumination of the need for women’s leadership in the healing of our relationships with each other and with the natural world. Drawing on decades of work as an activist and entrepreneur, Simons convenes a stellar cast of women leaders in this book, each of whom offers, as she does, practical guidance on how to lead from the heart in today’s turbulent times. A must-read for anyone interested in cultivating women’s leadership in themselves and in others.
Jennifer Browdy, Professor of Comparative Literature, Gender & Media Studies; Chair, Division of Languages & Literature, Bard College/Simon’s Rock

Check out Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart – another timely title from Nina Simons and Bioneers, currently being used in classes on women’s leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice.

Nina Simons is excited to share an introduction to her book Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart.

NINA SIMONS, co-founder and Chief Relationship Strategist of Bioneers, is a social entrepreneur passionate about reinventing leadership, restoring the feminine, and co-creating a healthy and equitable future for all life on Earth. An advocate for social and environmental healing and recipient of the Goi Peace Award and Robert Rodale award, she speaks and teaches internationally on leadership and transformational social change and is dedicated to the value of creating truly diverse collaborations and connections among issues, leaders and movements.

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