Call LettersCityState/CountryMarketFrequencyAir Date
KBBI-AMHomerAKUnited States890Sun 3:30 PM
KCHU-AMValdezAKUnited States770Thurs 10-11 PM
KCUK-FMChevakAKUnited States88.1Mon 3:15 PM
KDLG-FMDillinghamAKUnited States89.9Sat 12:30 PM
KHNS-FMHalnesAKUnited States102.3Sat 1:30 PM
KMXT-FMKodiakAKUnited States100.1
KNBA-FMAnchorageAKUnited States90.3Sat 8:30 AM
KSDPSand PointAKUnited States830 AMTues 6:30 PM
KSKA-FMAnchorageAKUnited States91.1Thurs 8:30 PM
KTNA-FMTalkeetnaAKUnited States88.9
KTOO-FMJuneauAKUnited States104.3Mon 8 PM
KABF-AMLittle RockARUnited States88.3Midnight
RPCR-LP/Radio PhoenixPhoenixAZUnited StateswebMon 4 PM
KCSBSanta BarbaraCAUnited States91.9fmMon 5:30pm
KCBX-FMSan Luis ObispoCAUnited States90.1Mon 1 PM
KCHO-FMChicoCAUnited States91.7Fri 10:30 AM
KDRT-LPDavisCAUnited States95.7Mon 8AM
KECG-FMEl CerritoCAUnited States88.1no regular time slot at the moment
KFCF-FMFresnoCAUnited States88.1Thurs 3:30 PM
KHSU-FMEureka/ArcataCAUnited States90.5Wed 1:30 PM
KIDE-FMHoopaCAUnited States91.3Fri 9 AM & 5 PM (different shows)
KKRN-FMBella VistaCAUnited States88.5Fri 8:30 AM
KMEC/Mendocino Environmental CenterMedocinoCAUnited States105.1Mon 6 PM
KMUD-FMRedwayCAUnited States91.1Tues 9 AM
KNSJ-FMSan DiegoCAUnited States89.1
KOWS-FMOccidental, CA (West Sonoma County)CAUnited States107.3M-F 8 PM (we air the newest episodes first and then sometimes reruns (picked at random by our computer) to fill out any extra time.)
KPFK-FMLong Beach (LA)CAUnited States90.7
KROV-FMOrovilleCAUnited States91.1Fri 4 PM & Sat 11 AM
KRYZ-FMMariposaCAUnited StateswebMon, Wed & Fri 11 AM
KVLP-LPVisalia/TulareCAUnited States101.5
KVMR-FMNevada CityCAUnited States89.5Tues 12 PM
KWMR-FMPoint Reyes StationCAUnited States90.5Mondays at 11 am
KZYX-FMPhiloCAUnited States90.7
LARRSNorthridgeCAUnited StatesnaMon – Fri @ 7 PM
KBUTGunnisonCOUnited StatesSun 3:30pm
KCMJColorado SpringsCOUnited States93.9
KGNU-FMDenver/BoulderCOUnited States88.5 FM/1390 AMSun 2pm
KHEN-LPSalidaCOUnited States106.9thurs 6 PM, repeated on fri 8:30 – 9 AM and sun 1pm
KOTO-FMTellurideCOUnited States91.7
KRZA-FMAlamosaCOUnited States88.71st & 4th Weds @ 8:30 AM
KSJD-FMCortezCOUnited States91.5Sat 4 PM
KUVODenverCOUnited States89.3Weds 5:30pm
KYGT-LPIdaho SpingsCOUnited States102.7
WTHA-LPSeasideFLUnited States107.1
WXYB-AMTampa/St. PetersburgFLUnited States1520
WRFG-FMAtlantaGAUnited States89.3
FLORAHannoverGermanyEuropeweb1st, 2nd, 3rd Monday every month @ 4 PM
KICIIowa CityIAUnited States105.3fm
KPVL-FMPostvilleIAUnited States89.1
KWLC-AMDecorahIAUnited States1240
BCRS/KRBXBoiseIDUnited States89.9 FMWed 4:30 PM
KRFP-LPMoscowIDUnited States90.3Sat 9:30 AM
KUMC-LPRupertIDUnited States101.7Sat & Sun 5 pm
RKRFYSand PointIDUnited States88.5
IRRChampaignILUnited Statesnone
STAR 96 (The Prarie Star)SpringfieldILUnited States91.9
WEIU-FMCharlestonILUnited States88.9
WKCC-FMKankakeeILUnited States91.1Thurs 4:30 PM
WONC-FMNapervilleILUnited States89.1Sun 6:30 AM
WQNA-FMSpringfieldILUnited States88.3arbitrarily twice a day
WETL-FMSouth BendINUnited States91.7
WGCS-FMGoshenINUnited States91.1Sun 8am
WLPR-LPMerrillvilleINUnited States89.1
WCAIWoods HoleMAUnited States90.1Sun 9pm
WCUW-FMWorcesterMAUnited States91.3Mon 5:30 PM
WRGY-FMRangeleyMAUnited States90.5
Thurs 7 PM, Sun 1 PM (ie same show, 2x/week)
Campus FMTal-QroqqMaltaEurope103.7Mon 1:30 PM & Wed 7:30 PM
WIAA-FMInterlochenMIUnited States88.7
WMUK-FMKalamazooMIUnited States102.1Fri 9:30 AM
WOMC-HDFerndaleMIUnited States104.3
KVSC-FMSaint CloudMNUnited States88.1varies
KCFV-FMSt. LouisMOUnited States89.5
KDXSt. LouisMOUnited StateswebWends 8:30 PM
KKFI-FMKansas CityMOUnited States90.1Fri 9:30 AM
KMST-FMRollaMOUnited States88.5Wends 7pm
KPIP-LPFayetteMOUnited States94.7daily @ 7 or 8 PM
KWWC-FMColombiaMOUnited States90.5
WQRZ-LPBay Saint LouisMSUnited States103.5Wends 7 PM
KEMC-FM/Yellowstone Public RadioBillingsMTUnited States91.7Fri 6:30pm
KUFM-FMMissoulaMTUnited States89.1
KVRZ-FMLibbyMTUnited States88.9Tues 6 PM
KTLX-FMColumbusNEUnited States91.3Sat 2 PM
KZUM-FMLincolnNEUnited States89.3Tues 6 PM
KZYK-FMSanteeNEUnited States88.98:20 & 11:20 AM DAILY, different show every day
CHSR-FM(University of New Brunswick)New BrunswickCanada97.9Sat 11 AM
Fresh FMNelsonNew Zealand104.8Tues 2 PM, Wends 3:10 AM, Sun 11 AM
WSCA-FMPortsmouth/DoverNHUnited States106.1Wends 4:30 PM
CCTVAlbuquerqueNMUnited Statescable
KCIE-FMDulceNMUnited States90.5
KENW-FMPortalesNMUnited States89.5Sat 10 AM
KGLP-FMGallupNMUnited States91.7Wends 2 PM
KLDK-LPDixonNMUnited States96.5Sat 9 AM
KSFRSanta FeNMUnited States101.1every other Wed at 6:30 pm
KUNM-FMAlbuquerque/Santa FeNMUnited States89.9
KNVCCarson CityNVUnited States95.1fmMon
PRNNew YorkNYUnited Statesweb
WJFF-FMJeffersonvilleNYUnited States90.5Thurs 3 PM
WRFA-LPJamestownNYUnited States107.9Fri 9:30 AM
WSIA-FMNew YorkNYUnited States88.9
WBWC-FMBereaOHUnited States88.3Sat 9 AM
WMRT-FMMariettaOHUnited States88.3Fri 12 PM
WZIP-FMAkronOHUnited States88.1
YRRSYoungstown/ WarrenOHUnited StatesnoneMon 5 PM
CIUT-FMTorontoOntarioCanada89.5Mon 3-4 PM
GHRN (Golden Hours Radio Network)PortlandORUnited StateswebMon @ noon / 8:30PM / 4AM
KMUN-FMAstoriaORUnited States91.9Wends 9 AM
KXCR-FMFlorenceORUnited States90.7Wends @ 6:30 PM
KPOV-FMBendORUnited States88.9Thurs 1 PM
WDCV-FMHarrisburg/LebanonPAUnited States88.3
WLRI-LPGapPAUnited States92.9
WRCT-FMPittsburghPAUnited States88.3
WXVU-FMVillanovaPAUnited States89.1
KOYA-FMRosebudSDUnited States88.18:30 AM, 3pm, 6:30 PM M-F
WEVL-FMMemphisTNUnited States89.9
KTRLStephenvilleTXUnited States90.5fm
KAMU-FMBryan/College StationTXUnited States90.9Sat 12 PM
KEOS-FMBryan/College StationTXUnited States89.1
Tues and Thurs at 4:30 pm and Sun at 6 pm.
KPFT-FMHouston/GavelstonTXUnited States90.1Mon 11 AM
KUTAustinTXUnited States90.5
KRCL-FMSalt Lake City/OgdenUTUnited States90.9
KUSU-FMLoganUTUnited States91.5Weds 8:30 PM
WRIR-LPRichmondVAUnited States97.3Thurs 2 PM
WFVR-LP/ROYLSouth RoyaltonVTUnited StateswebSat 8:30 AM
KEXP-FMSeattle/TacomaWAUnited States90.3Sun 6 AM
KGHI-FMWestportWAUnited States91.1Sun 8:30 AM
KOWA-LPOlympiaWAUnited States106.5
KPTZ-FMPort TownsendWAUnited States91.9Tues 5:30 PM
KRDI-FMDuvallWAUnited States103.1
Fri 7:30 AM, maybe also Sun evening
KSER-FMEverettWAUnited States90.7Tues 6 PM
KYRS-LPSpokaneWAUnited States95.3Wends 9 AM
WDRT-FMViroquaWIUnited States91.9Mon 9 AM
WPCA-LPAmeryWIUnited States93.1Sat 9:30 AM

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