A Message of Wisdom from the Elders in the Time of Pandemic

This letter is reposted with permission from Wisdom Weavers of the World. It features the words of Ilarion Merculieff, an author and Indigenous activist of the Unangan people, who draws on his elders’ knowledge to offer encouragement and empowerment during the difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ilarion Merculieff

As the whirlwind grows and gets stronger… stay in your center, because when you get caught up in the whirlwind, it will be difficult to get out of it. Stay in your center, no matter what happens around you.

We are seeing the emergence of a virus, which is something that always existed in nature, but nature has been so disturbed by humans, that what was unnoticeable before, becomes noticeable.

It is a warning from Mother Earth that what we are doing has reached a point that humans need to wake up from this deep sleep of unconsciousness.

The Elders say that we live in a reverse or inside-out society, where the mind now tells the heart what to do, when traditionally we had the heart tell the mind what to do.

Today, the world is focused on the use of one’s mind as the source of all intelligence, when we know that the intelligence lies not only in the head, but the entire body, which is informed by one’s heart.

Logic and reason does not work where the spiritual is concerned…only the heart works. And yet the world is trying to solve illnesses, fears, wars, injustices, destruction of Mother Earth and many other similar things using logic and reason, the source of these great imbalances we face as humans.

This is why things are getting worse instead of better if we look at our history as human beings. We cannot solve problems with the same consciousness that created these problems in the first place.

This pandemic is an opportunity, a challenge, and a warning – to stop what we have been doing… to find real answers.

It is causing us to slow down in many ways in order to listen to the inner, not the outer voice. This pandemic is causing us to slow down to Mother Earth-based pace so that we can hear what she is saying.

The Indigenous peoples of the world have predicted what we are experiencing now and ask that the world change to listen to one’s heart now. The heart is the only place that guides us impeccably and the place to find one’s own answers and act on them.

Stop listening only to the outside and give priority to what your own heart tells you. The heart never acts out of fear, and it is the only place that exists in the infinite present moment. It is the place that the world’s sages have spoken of time and time again, a place of truth.

Know that fear will only fuel the pandemics of the world and anything else that we choose to focus on in reaction to events in our lives. The Elders say fear is the most powerful form of praying for things you DON’T want.

We must dream the world we wish to see, not in reaction to anything. To do this will require great courage to trust in ourselves, our fellow humans who dare do the same, in life, in the universe, and the Great Spirit that Lives in All Things.

Trust completely, not with the mind, but with the heart. If you are present in this moment, in your heart, and trust, all will take care of itself. This is part of what nature has taught Indigenous peoples.

Aang waan (hello my other self),

“Kuuyux” Ilarion Merculieff on behalf of the Wisdom Weavers Heart-Council Team

This letter is reposted with permission from Wisdom Weavers of the World.

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