Announcing the Release of Indigeneity Conversations Podcast Season 1

Bioneers is proud to announce the release of the first season of its groundbreaking new podcast, Indigeneity Conversations. In a series of six thought-provoking episodes, hosts Cara Romero (Chemehuevi) and Alexis Bunten (Unangan/Yup’ik) — Bioneers Indigeneity Program Directors — engage in conversations with Native culture bearers, scholars, movement leaders, and non-Native allies on important issues and solutions in Indian Country.

Produced by Bioneers’ award-winning media team, Indigeneity Conversations explores compelling issues such as Indigenous Land Return, Cultural Appropriation, Rights of Nature, and other essential conversations that exemplify the essential leadership role that Indigenous cultures are playing in the effort to reshape and transform society’s relationship with the natural world while highlighting the contemporary lives, work, and experiences of Native Americans. 

The series also features excerpts from the Bioneers Indigenous Forum, a sovereign space and touchstone for Native leaders and non-Native allies to come together and form strategic alliances at our annual Bioneers Conference.

Season one of Indigeneity Conversations features:

  • Crystal Echo Hawk (Pawnee), President and CEO of IllumiNative and of Echo Hawk Consulting, in a discussion around transforming Indigenous stereotypes and the power of art to do so.
  • Casey Camp-Horinek (Ponca), talking about the burgeoning indigenous-led Rights of Nature movement.
  • Corrina Gould (Lisjan Ohlone), Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, in conversation about the genocide of California Indians and the importance of addressing that historical trauma, which caused deep wounds that still affect Indigenous Peoples today.
  • Julian Brave Noisecat (Canim Lake Band Tsq’escen), in an exploration of the importance of connection and relationship, to family, to history, to place, and to culture

The beautiful collage artwork for the Indigeneity Conversations Podcast Series werecreated in collaboration with the artist, Mer Young, a descendant of Chichimeca and Apache Tribe (Ndé). She is an Indigenous published multidisciplinary artist who has created a body of artwork manifested in collages, drawings, paintings, and founder of Mausi Murals public artworks. Young aims to inspire, celebrate and elevate repressed indigenous, first nations and native cultures and women of color.

We invite you to join the conversation, where we encourage everyone to decolonize and re-indigenize their hearts, minds, and actions.

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