Badger Bioneers presented by Sustain Dane

Sustain Dane is a Madison, Wisconsin-based nonprofit organization that envisions the Madison Region as a national model for sustainability and sustainability innovation. They work toward this vision by fostering a rich and diverse network of sustainability champions.

Sustain Dane’s vision of sustainability holds a healthy planet, a just society, and a strong economy as equal and interrelated parts of a vibrant community. Their work is focused on bringing sustainability to people wherever they are – at work, in schools, in neighborhoods.

The centerpiece of all of Sustain Dane’s work is the sustainability champion — any individual, regardless of job title, who wants to effect positive change in their sphere of influence. Sustain Dane works with these champions to help them become leaders and inspire others to be sustainability champions. They are building a network of engaged change agents working toward a resilient future for the Madison Region.

That’s where Badger Bioneers comes in. Since 2009, Sustain Dane has hosted a Bioneers Resilient Communities Network event annually to connect and inspire our sustainability champions. The Badger Bioneers Conference provides the skills, networking and ideas needed to become more effective agents of change in our businesses, schools, and communities. Being part of the BRCN community shows Badger Bioneers participants that they are part of a larger, connected movement of communities across the country.

Aside from hosting the Badger Bioneers Conference, Sustain Dane offers year-round programs and events to support champions and promote sustainability to a broader audience.

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Upcoming Events

7/21/2015MPower Sustainability Session: Energy Efficiency for Facilitie
7/22/2015Step Up: Equity Matters – Coffee & Conversation
7/29/2015Sustainable Business Network Breakfast
8/11/2015MPower Sustainability Session: Energy Efficiency for IT
9/15/2015MPower Sustainability Session: Water Stewardship
9/18/2015Step Up: Equity Matters – Training for Workplace Diversity
10/20/2015MPower Sustainability Session: Sustainable Food Choices 
10/21/2015Sustainable Business Network Breakfast
11/10/2015Badger Bioneers Conference
12/4/2015Step Up: Equity Matters
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