Bioneers 2022 Day 2: Taking Cues from Nature

The second day of Bioneers 2022 introduced exciting wisdom rooted in nature’s brilliance. We are once again reminded that to understand our world — and, in fact, to understand ourselves — we must shift our focus to the natural world. Following, we share just a small portion of the powerful words and campaigns introduced.

In Their Own Words

Inspiration from Bioneers 2022 Speakers

  • “It’s the system that’s the crime. This is the moment of radical transformation.” -Kenny Ausubel, Bioneers
  • “Of the term gender inequality that we often use, which is a problem in society, we have focused on the wrong part of the equation. We’ve focused on gender. I think the problem is really on the word inequality.” -Frans De Waal, primatologist & author
  • “If nature was a lover, she would have broken down with us humans a long time ago for being the most self-centered, narcissistic lover ever. She would walk out the door. She would kick us out. But she hasn’t.” -Zainab Salbi, Daughters for Earth
  • “We must finally embrace floods as an ecologically beneficial force. The sponge city concept takes a nature-based, light-touch approach. It offers a far gentler way to deal with floods.” -Kongjian Yu, Turenscape
  • “Colonization is not over, no matter what they’re telling you. It’s the same story, it’s just different players.” Clayton Thomas-Müller
  • “Rights of nature work is not a spectator sport. It can happen anywhere. It can happen in any community. In the U.S., about half the states have ballot initiative processes, so you can write and propose laws.” -Thomas Linzey, Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights
  • “Beaver dams help buffer climate extremes. Multiple dams end up being like speed bumps, slowing water down, shunting it off into the flood plain, and deescalating the energy.” -Kate Lundquist, OAEC’s WATER Institute

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