Bioneers 2022 Day 3: Stronger Together

What an incredible three days!

The speakers who presented on the final day of Bioneers 2022 poignantly reminded us that we must join forces in order to realize a better future — the struggles of our relatives are our own, and our pathways to justice intersect. As we gathered this weekend with so many Bioneers throughout the world, we couldn’t help but feel the strength of our unity.

While attendees will be able to access Bioneers 2022 recordings on-demand immediately, non-attendees can look forward to the release of conference recordings in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned. We’re humbled by your willingness to spread these important presentations throughout your communities.

Enjoy the work and words of today’s presenters below, and thank you for your support of Bioneers.

In Their Own Words

Inspiration from Bioneers 2022 Speakers

  • “We don’t own anything. Nature owns. We have to start taking that word out and say what we are: stewards of the land. We’re working WITH nature instead of AGAINST nature.” -Karen Washington, Rise & Root Farm
  • “In this era of growing, intensifying organized militancy, we have to understand that indigenous lifeways, protection of water, air, land, and sustenance, should also be considered a form of labor that is valued and protected.” Nick Estes
  • “There’s a very significant impact of rising C02 on crop nutrients that are extremely important for human health. The direct effect of C02 on crops we consume is likely to push 150-200 million people around the world into new risk of nutrient deficiency.” -Samuel Myers, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
  • “As a society, we understand the concentration of wealth and power is not good for people or the planet. The best way to build power and solidarity is to make space and amplify all of our different voices of being affected by the climate crisis. We build relationships by listening, supporting, and honoring each other, not erasing each other.” -Alexandria Villaseñor, Earth Uprising International
  • “Many politicians have adopted the idea that young people are the leaders of tomorrow, but why not the leaders of today?” -Kevin J. Patel, OneUpAction International
  • “The only way you’re going to take down capitalism is by taking it down. You have to boycott capitalism.” -Sikowis Nobiss, Great Plains Action Society

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Campaigns to Support

Nina Simons at Bioneers 2022: Navigating the Nexus – Nature, Culture & the Sacred

“I invite you to join me in imagining and working toward a people’s civil resistance movement that can help to form connective tissue and some shared vision among the many siloed – yet deeply related – networks, movements and issues that we face. May enough of us bring our determined and impassioned selves into creative collaborative action, holding each other with fierce compassion in community, across divides – while turning towards each other through the bumps, triggers and ruptures we encounter.”

Read the full text of Nina Simons’ Bioneers 2022 presentation.

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