Bioneers 2023 Day 2: ‘Purpose, people, passion’

On Day 2 of Bioneers 2023, we heard from extraordinary leaders who are – as Kim Stanley Robinson says – doing real work. Speakers and panelists introduced us to their impressive goals and accomplishments, from driving homes and businesses toward an electrified future to holding universities’ feet to the fire on their supposed sustainability commitments. The message today was clear: There’s plenty of work to be done, and it is our responsibility to rise to the moment.

Below, find just some of the inspiration and action items from the second day of Bioneers 2023.


Inspiration from Bioneers Speakers

  • “As we confront the sorrows of our time, there’s authentic hope in nature’s solutions, and in each other. It’s times like these when the nobility of the human soul swells to meet the moment. ” -Kenny Ausubel, Bioneers
  • “We really just need 2 things to clean up ¾ of carbon pollution: clean electricity and electrification.” -Leah Stokes, Rewiring America
  • “Imagine if tomorrow everyone in every industry woke up and said ‘We want to be sustainable.’ Of all the products and processes in the world, maybe a few are truly sustainable. Maybe some have alternatives available. But most still have yet to be invented. If we want to learn from nature, we need chemists to want to do that. ” -John Warner, Beyond Benign
  • “The question is this: Where’s the current underneath going? That’s what we have to keep our eyes on. Pay less attention to the cross chop and the discourse.” -Kim Stanley Robinson
  • “I attribute a large part of this success to storytelling. My story for equitable environmental education was sometimes told in different ways. I recognized the importance of meeting my audience where they were. However, I ensured I never compromised the theme of justice in this narrative.” -Amara Ifeji, Maine Environmental Education Association
  • “We do see a mirror image of the violence against the earth and the violence against women. I believe if we do not really look to the past and learn from our ancestors, understand what white supremacy is, understand the roots of patriarchy, understand the roots of our dangerous economic structures, it’s difficult to come up with a deep enough analysis to meet the moment.” -Osprey Orielle Lake, WECAN


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If We Know Where to Look – Nina Simons

“Sometimes it’s hard to see anything positive amidst all the chaos. But if we know where to look, and we turn our attention and energies to the world that’s being born, there is ample reason for hope. Dynamic social movements, visionaries, artists, entrepreneurs, innovators and doers of all kinds are developing new—and reclaiming ancient—frameworks, storylines and ways of living and being.”

Read Bioneers Co-Founder Nina Simons’ Bioneers 2023 remarks.

May The Farce Be With You – Kenny Ausubel

“The ground truth is that decisive majorities of Americans support progressive policies, from taxing corporations and the rich, to climate action, living wage jobs, abortion rights, Medicare for all, gun safety, environmental protections and on and on. Among young people, the majorities rise to a whopping two-thirds to three-quarters. Powerful Next Gen leadership is emergent.”

Read Bioneers Co-Founder Kenny Ausubel’s Bioneers 2023 remarks.

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