Bioneers Conference 2015: Three Must-See Highlights

The annual Bioneers conference is always amazing, but we think this year’s program is off the hook. It came together with high synchronicity—lots of unplanned “coincidences” leading to some very out-of-the-box speakers and programs.

The full conference program is now live on our conference site. Once you take a look, we hope you’ll be inspired to register right away. “Earliest Bird” ticket rates (our lowest of the year) go up June 15th!

Here’s  a glimpse of just a few of the outstanding speakers and sessions you’ll find at Bioneers 2015. 

Coastal Climate Change Strategies
One highlight is Dutch coastal infrastructure expert Henk Ovink, who helps direct water management in the Netherlands, a nation that’s 60% below sea level. 

With climate disruption causing rising sea levels, the Dutch have been mastering water management for centuries. Henk became a key influence in New York City’s post-Super Storm Sandy response. The New York metropolitan area is now seriously addressing green infrastructure practices. 

Henk now is working to bring these models to California. He’ll also be jamming in a historic session with keynoter Andy Lipkis, the urban watershed wizard of LA’s TreePeople. 

Andy has also been working extensively in Australia where the entire nation is mobilizing to engage every citizen to become a watershed manager. Thank goodness we have these visionaries to help us navigate today’s water and climate crises.

Economic, Environmental & Restorative Justice
Rinku Sen of Race Forward and restorative justice leader Fania Davis will help set the compass for the convergence of race and environment and the growing call for truth and reconciliation. 

Globally renowned science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson will present a utopian vision of a next economy, a topic this visionary has been considering for a long time. And lots more!

Green Chemistry for Kids & Families
One new feature will be Family Days. We’ve assembled a team of brilliant educators to guide families with kids up to 13 years old to do really cool, fun learning activities together. 

Among the teachers are Amy Cannon of Beyond Benign, a national leader in biomimicry education.

Stay tuned for updates and profiles of other speakers and programs. Please join with us in October for this Revolution from the Heart of Nature!

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